Sunday, October 26, 2008

and I did it again

man, how does that much time go by?

I am sick with a nasty cold which Tristan and Ryan and both coming down with, Hubby is next, I'm sure. Hubby is recovering from a little outpatient surgery but luckily seems to be feeling better today.

We had an offer on the house last week, but it was a total low-ball and the guy was not able to get enough financing to meet us anywhere near the middle. Oh well. Had another person in yesterday and hopefully there will be an offer soon that we can accept.

Went to visit my family and friends in the midwest this month too. It was a great visit. My dad played basketball in college and his university honored him with a spot in the Hall of Fame so we all flew back to attend the induction ceremony. It's always fun, as someone's child, to hear about what your parent's lives were like before you came along. We also drove to Tulsa to visit some very dear friends and had a blast. She recently moved into a house with a pool in the backyard and Ryan is such a great swimmer now. He was diving off the diving board and didn't need any assistance in the deep end - so much like his daddy.

Tristan is nearly running these days and just in the last few days his walking is less side to side and more balanced bi-lateral movement. He is less and less like a baby every day and it's so bittersweet. He is using more and more words (not all intelligible to others, but many are) and even though I have been using signs with him for months, he hasn't used them back much until lately. He has started signing 'eat' and 'thank you' in the past week. He is also cutting his canines right now and boy that makes him cranky. Poor guy.

Ryan is doing very well in school, reading way more than I did by early Kindergarten.

The boys are really starting to play together, it's just so much fun to watch them interact.