Saturday, December 30, 2006

12w1d - Personality Test Results

Stability results were medium which suggests you are moderately relaxed, calm, secure, and optimistic.
Orderliness results were moderately high which suggests you are, at times, overly organized, reliable, neat, and hard working at the expense of flexibility, efficiency, spontaneity, and fun.
Extraversion results were high which suggests you are overly talkative, outgoing, sociable and interacting at the expense too often of developing your own individual interests and internally based identity.
Trait snapshot:
clean, self revealing, open, organized, outgoing, social, enjoys leadership and managing others, dominant, makes friends easily, does not like to be alone, assertive, hard working, finisher, optimistic, positive, likes to stand out, likes large parties, respects authority, practical, high self esteem, perfectionist, dislikes chaos, busy, not familiar with the dark side of life, controlling, high self control, traditional, tough, likes to fit in, conforming, brutally honest, takes precautions.
So, what results do you get?

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

11w4d - NT Scan today & new due date

I had my nuchal translucency ultrasound today. This u/s is useful with some blood tests to help adjust odds for Trisomies, including Down Syndrome. The NT measurement ideally is below 3, our measurement was about 1.7mm, so a very nice result. We'll get the adjusted odds later after the blood has been analyzed too. My standard odds based on my age are about 1/300.

They did notice that the baby has a large bladder. This could be nothing or it could be something. It could be that the baby needed to pee and just hasn't yet, or it could be that there is a slight blockage in the urethra making it difficult to empty the bladder. We'll go back next week to take another look as see if the bladder is getting bigger. Hopefully it will be smaller by next week and we'll be in the clear. If it's bigger, then we'll probably come back again in a week to track the measurement. They said that one measurement isn't very useful, that they need to see the trend to know if there is an issue or not. The doctor said that they see this a lot and almost always it resolves itself by the next look.

They adjusted my due date based on the measurements today, so once again, I get to essentially skip a week of pregnancy!! Yippee!! I was about 11w3d based on my ovulation date today and baby measured at 12w3d, so my new due date is July 8, 2007. My OB likes to do repeat c-sections (which I'll probably end up with) about a week or so early, so we're more likely looking at a due date in the first week of July. Fine with me, that's before most of the heat hits around here!

Hubby and I thought we might have seen a penis today. The u/s tech said it's too early to say, which we know, but still. The doctor admonished us to not assume anything - that increased estrogen from me can cause more swelling of the genitals in the baby and what looks like a small penis could very easily be an enlarged clitoris at this point. He said that a friend of his and her husband came in for an u/s. Her husband is a radiologist and he was convinced that he saw a penis and was quite surprised at her 20wk u/s that they were having a girl. So, we still don't know gender yet. Maybe we'll see more next week, but not counting on it that's for sure. My acupuncturist still says girl, so we'll see.

Overall, it was a great appointment, even with our inconclusive bladder results. My parents are still in town and were able to come with us and see their last grandbaby on ultrasound which I know was very special for them. I do have some pics, but still haven't found a working scanner to be able to scan them in. I promise to work harder on that this week. I want to scan the pics before they start to naturally darken up.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

11w2d - That was a weird dream.

I've had a few weird dreams with this pregnancy, but last night's was the oddest so far. And the fact that I remember it so clearly, even now, is unusual for me.

I dreamt that someone sent me a real live stork as a present (symbolism, much?). It was a juvenile one and it came with a few baby presents, all in pink. Apparently, someone thinks for sure I am having a girl. (That would be good!) I couldn't figure out who had sent this gift so I was looking through the paperwork that came with it and there was info about how the stork would eventually need to migrate back to it's own home and depending on where you lived and the time of year and what type of stork you received, it would migrate at different times. My stork was going to need to stay with us until May-early June (I'm due in mid-July). Then, at that time, I'd have to find a very tall building or tree or something and take the stork to the top to release it so it could find it's way home. There was a diagram included showing possible options for the release point. In searching through all the paperwork, I came across a name that I recognized and figured it had to be the person who sent this gift to me. The name was James Denton. Yes, the actor who plays Mike on Desperate Housewives. Why him? I haven't the earthliest clue. I mean, he's pretty darn cute and all, but I have no idea why he ended up in my dream. I could only deduce that he was a reader of this very blog and that was how he knew that I'm pregnant. I planned to put up a post thanking J.D. for the lovely gift.

Ok, let's analyze this one and see if we can figure out what it means. Any ideas?

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

10w5d - Ahhh, heat is is a doppler

I'm happy to report that as of yesterday afternoon, our power was restored. Five nights of no power, no heat, no phones (VoIP doesn't work w/o power), no TV, no internet is just insane. Yes, I know others have had it worse and I feel for them, but this was my situation and I was soooo over it after about 2 days of 'camping in'. And it didn't help that the temps were dropping into the 20's overnight - BRRRR!!!

And on even better news, my doppler just arrived and I found the heartbeat!!!!! S/he moved after a few seconds and was hiding, so I couldn't measure it. Also, I swear I rented the digital version so I wouldn't have to count heartbeats, but I need to confirm that. Yay! My baby is still alive!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

9w5d - It's good to be back.

I finally got back to yoga class on Tuesday for the first time in a few weeks. I didn't realize how much my body missed it until after class. I just feel so much better when I've moved my body a bit.

We were snowed in a couple of weeks ago and Not So Wee One's preschool was cancelled. Not that I could get out of town to get to the gym with the ice on the roads either. Then, there was the field trip to a pottery studio where NSWO slapped some paint on a snowman and I painted the other two ornaments. And last Thursday was my day to work in the classroom so I missed yoga yet again.

I was happy to find that I hadn't lost too much in the way of flexibility and now that the nausea is gone (knock wood!) class was very enjoyable physically. There was some bad news too though. Another gal in the class who was pregnant with identical twins lost them at about 20 weeks to TTTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome). She seems to be doing amazingly well given the circumstances. Yoga provides a safe haven for her I think. I know it did for me after my loss in May.

My teacher gave me a very nice compliment yesterday too. He was giving me a pose to do for a bit while everyone else was doing their warm-up which I don't do while pregnant. Even though it's been a few weeks, I remembered exactly the plan and got right to it. He said that I have a really good memory for this stuff, including the sanskrit names for poses and that I should consider teaching someday. Very kind. I feel like I'd have to practice yoga a lot longer and achieve a higher level of proficiency before I should be teaching, but apparently you don't have to be able to do all the poses perfectly to understand them and be able to help others understand them too. Who knows what the future might bring, but it was sure flattering. Especially from him. We practice Iyengar yoga first founded by B.K.S. Iyengar and my teacher's teacher studied with B.K.S. Iyengar himself, so I guess there are only 3 degrees of separation between me and this renowned yoga master. That's pretty darn cool. Not that it's helped me with my arm balances yet. Oh well, all in good time, right?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

8w6d - 1 hour glucose screening test results

I am OVER THE MOON to be able to tell you that I passed my glucose screening test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not diabetic - yet.

Back with NSWO, I did the 1 hr test at 25 wks due to a large family history of diabetes and failed with a score of 175 - ouch! Yesterday's test result was a mere 75, so my cute little pancreas is handling things just fine for now. The midwife said I don't need to repeat until 28 weeks.

I swear I feel about 15 lbs lighter right now!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

8w5d - 2nd ultrasound report

Today was our 2nd u/s and I'm very happy to report that all is well. The baby is measuring exactly at 8w5d and the heartbeat measured at 176bpm which is wonderful! We've got some more u/s pics of the blob-looking thing and as soon as we can figure out a scanner, I'll post them.

I'm officially released from the care of the RE which is such a great feeling.

I also did the 1hr glucose test today and thought I'd timed it well to drink the orange junk in the car at 9:15am, do the u/s at 9:30am and have plenty of time to walk the 2 min to the lab for the blood draw at 10:15am. That would have worked out perfectly except that the RE was running 30 min late this morning. I've had great luck lately at this time of day and haven't had to wait more than 10-15 min to go in, but today not so much. I got thru the u/s (time stood still there for a few minutes) and raced up to the lab and made it with 2 min to spare. Whew! I did NOT want to have to come back another day to do that test again. I'll hear later this week what the results were. Keep your fingers crossed, ok? I really don't want to be diabetic already.

Today, I finally allowed myself to have the thought, "I'm going to have a baby!" Hehe.

Monday, December 04, 2006

8w3d - a significant milestone

To most pregnant women, 8 weeks & 3 days is probably just another day in a pregnancy. For me, it holds some pretty big significance. Last time I was pregnant, 8w3d was the last day I was pregnant. The ultrasound at 8w2d showed that the heartbeat we'd seen the week prior was gone. They were able to get me in for the D&C the next day. At 8w3d, I started out the day technically still pregnant, but by the end of the day, I was not.

This time, 8w3d has a better outcome so far. I have another ultrasound on Wednesday (8w5d) with the RE and I'm hopeful that everything will show up just fine. I got myself a bit freaked this weekend when on Saturday, I woke up and suddenly the nausea and constipation were gone. Nothing like a sudden lack of symptoms to make a pregnant lady assume the worst. Especially when the worst has happened before.

Also, today, I had my first appointment with the midwife practice. I am hoping to be able to attempt a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) with this one and figured that if I was with a midwife I'd have a better chance at achieving that goal. The CNMs (certified nurse-midwives) are in the same practice as my former OB, so I'd also have access to OBs if needed. Unfortunately, the MW informed me today that if my gestational diabetes comes back and I end up on insulin again that they won't be able to allow me to try a VBAC due to their insurance limitations. Apparently, there's too much of a risk that the baby will be too big due to the GD and the risk is more than their insurance company will allow. I think the final decision is ultimately based on u/s measurements late in the pregnancy, but odds are, I'll have a baby that is estimated to weigh too much. The cut-off is 4000 grams (8.5 lbs). NSWO was 8.5 lbs and 2nd babies are often bigger. So, I may be out of a VBAC before we even start.

I also have to do the glucose screening test this week. Yes, at only 8-9 weeks pregnant, I have to check to see if I'm already diabetic, this is usually done at about 26-28 weeks. I guess for some, it comes on way early in subsequent pregnancies. Gosh I sure hope not - that would S-U-C-K! It was hard enough being diabetic for 3-4 months, doing it for 7 months would not be fun at all. I feel for people who are diabetic all the time - so rough. I'll probably do the test on Wednesday since I'll be up at the hospital for the ultrasound anyway. Wish me luck.

Just in case I am already diabetic (which would mean no VBAC for me) I also made an appointment with a highly regarded OB in a different practice. I have several friends who saw him or are seeing him for their prenatal care and he's supposed to be THE GUY to go to if you need surgery. Trying to keep all my bases covered.

The nausea is still pretty much gone, although the grocery store tonight was a bit more than I could handle, so I'm happy to mostly have my tummy back to normal. The fatigue is starting to take over as the strongest symptom now. That's ok, napping is fun.

Friday, December 01, 2006

8w0d - P.U. (Pregnancy Un-pleasantries)

I debated whether or not to even post about this topic because it's just not very pleasant, but in the spirit of documenting this pregnancy, I decided to risk the humiliation. Besides, it's not even my fault.

So, I've been dealing with nausea for a couple of weeks now. It comes and goes, and when it's here (most of the day really) it's relatively mild. This is tolerable so far, and expected really. What I didn't expect is the constant constipation. I mean, I sort of did expect it because I do get backed up in my luteal phase, but this is a bit more than I'd reckoned for. I'm on psyllium husk capsules (4/day) for extra fiber, stool softeners (2/day), and upping the fluid intake to try and help. I've even taken to having either Raisin Bran or Grape Nuts (aka Colon Blow) for breakfast every day to attempt and battle the beast that is stuck within. So far, it's not making much of a difference. And when I get too backed up, it makes the nausea worse.

But the absolute worst side effect of the constipation is the gas that gets trapped because of it. When that stuff escapes it's downright frightening. I've actually had the dog whimper and move off my lap. The dog! They come out of nowhere and are the worst SBDs (silent but deadly) known to mankind. I have no control over when they will escape and I quite literally have to leave the room when they do because the stench is so strong that it makes me want to hurl. I think I need to start carrying a box of matches around with me. At least until Beelzebub finally makes his way out of my colon for good.

My poor Hubby, it's worst at night in bed too and I apparently woke him up from a deep sleep the other night. He's been out of town for a few days and the relief I have felt from not worrying about my stinkiness bothering anyone else has enabled me to get some much needed rest.

We have decided to nickname the baby "The Bean" in honor of this oh-so-lovely symptom. Fitting, don't you think?

Ok, so there you have it. My pregnancy un-pleasantries all laid out for you to laugh at, gag at, whatever. Enjoy. P.U. indeed!