Sunday, December 24, 2006

11w2d - That was a weird dream.

I've had a few weird dreams with this pregnancy, but last night's was the oddest so far. And the fact that I remember it so clearly, even now, is unusual for me.

I dreamt that someone sent me a real live stork as a present (symbolism, much?). It was a juvenile one and it came with a few baby presents, all in pink. Apparently, someone thinks for sure I am having a girl. (That would be good!) I couldn't figure out who had sent this gift so I was looking through the paperwork that came with it and there was info about how the stork would eventually need to migrate back to it's own home and depending on where you lived and the time of year and what type of stork you received, it would migrate at different times. My stork was going to need to stay with us until May-early June (I'm due in mid-July). Then, at that time, I'd have to find a very tall building or tree or something and take the stork to the top to release it so it could find it's way home. There was a diagram included showing possible options for the release point. In searching through all the paperwork, I came across a name that I recognized and figured it had to be the person who sent this gift to me. The name was James Denton. Yes, the actor who plays Mike on Desperate Housewives. Why him? I haven't the earthliest clue. I mean, he's pretty darn cute and all, but I have no idea why he ended up in my dream. I could only deduce that he was a reader of this very blog and that was how he knew that I'm pregnant. I planned to put up a post thanking J.D. for the lovely gift.

Ok, let's analyze this one and see if we can figure out what it means. Any ideas?


OHN said...

OK-lets figure this must mean that James Denton must be the father of your little girl. Nah..that would be too obvious.

I remember having very vivid dreams when I was pregnant. Most of them involved food somehow :) I am just glad the stork finally found his/her way to you...Merry Christmas!

MereCat said...

Was James Denton your RE? That'd be cool!

Nickie said...

James Denton as my RE...hmmm, I'm not sure that's so cool, I had a lot of cd2 scans and I just wouldn't want to go there with someone so yummy! LOL