Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Babywearing action shots

I have had this gorgeous gauze wrap since before Tristan was born and haven't had the nerve to start using it. Was using my Moby more at first. Anyway, I finally got the nerve to practice with it more and Ryan was more than happy to assist.

The wrap is from Gypsymama and is a Bali Baby Breeze in the Haumea color/pattern. The carry is called a rucksack. Please ignore my bad hair, no makeup, tired eyes etc. Oh, and the bad picture in general from my camera phone.
Later on, I tried it with Tristan and he seemed to love it. Today, I tried a variation on the rucksack called the Tibetan with him and that one went well too.

Monday, November 26, 2007

4mo 2wks - Nursing update

You may or may not recall that ever since about 2 months Tristan has been refusing to nurse during the day and I ended up pumping full time for a few weeks there.

Well, I've been patient and hoping that things would turn around and they seem to be doing so, finally. I haven't pumped in 24 hours and he took nearly all his feedings today straight from the tap. His only bottle was the last feeding - he was so tired he didn't want to nurse on the right side so I gave him 4oz in a bottle which he sucked right down and then he acted hungry still so I nursed him more on the left side which he sucked down eagerly.

Yesterday he even nursed in the middle of a noisy restaurant - no sling, no coverup, nothing. His eyes were looking all over the room, but he didn't break his latch once until he was done and he ate quite a bit too.

I'm so happy that I'm FINALLY headed towards the sort of nursing relationship I had with my first and that I was most looking forward to during the pregnancy. Finally.

Friday, November 16, 2007

No excuse - just been busy

sorry for my long absence. I've looked at my last post so many times and thought, "Ugh, I need to update that" but never got around to it.

Tristan's sleep is still rough, but we do get a good night here and there. His 4mo check up was great, he's growing nicely up to 15lb 11.5oz and 26.5 in. His weight percentile has dropped from off the charts at birth to about 70% now. His pediatrician is not worried though and this is the trend Ryan took as a baby. T is now more long and lean which is good because all of Ryan's old clothes were things that fit that body type better.

He'll nurse about half the time now, but we still don't have much luck unless it's right after a nap and in his room. I'll take it though.

We've been battling colds around here that we seem to be passing around like the rolls basket at Thanksgiving dinner. Speaking of which, we're headed to Oregon next week to visit family so if I'm AWOL again, that's why.

Hope everyone out there is doing well and that babies are sleeping well and growing well and well...that's about it from here.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween 2007

Both of the boys have been sick recently and Ryan is still sick, poor guy. He woke up Saturday night with croup and then Tristan was a little bit croupy the other night too. Luckily, both of them seem to be past that part of their colds.

We still took them out trick-or-treating last night though, just not for very long. They were so cute! Tristan wore Ryan's old costume -thinking he'll be doing that for the next several years at least.

This morning, Ryan asked me to put his bucket of candy where he couldn't reach it. Huh? I asked him why and he said that he wanted me to get things out for him when it was ok. Huh???? Who IS this kid and what did he do with my 4 year old boy? Who does that??? I remember being told I could only have 1-2 pieces a day and it seemed like pure torture to know I had all the candy sitting there and couldn't go nuts with it. This kid is ASKING to be kept from his. Uh, ok. We'll see how long that lasts.

Here's my boys in their costumes, so cute.