Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween 2007

Both of the boys have been sick recently and Ryan is still sick, poor guy. He woke up Saturday night with croup and then Tristan was a little bit croupy the other night too. Luckily, both of them seem to be past that part of their colds.

We still took them out trick-or-treating last night though, just not for very long. They were so cute! Tristan wore Ryan's old costume -thinking he'll be doing that for the next several years at least.

This morning, Ryan asked me to put his bucket of candy where he couldn't reach it. Huh? I asked him why and he said that he wanted me to get things out for him when it was ok. Huh???? Who IS this kid and what did he do with my 4 year old boy? Who does that??? I remember being told I could only have 1-2 pieces a day and it seemed like pure torture to know I had all the candy sitting there and couldn't go nuts with it. This kid is ASKING to be kept from his. Uh, ok. We'll see how long that lasts.

Here's my boys in their costumes, so cute.


Victor said...

Everybody loves halloween, but I bet not even half of then knows the history behid the party. The National Geographic Channel made a documentary to inform the origin of the halloween. It can be found here:

Very interesting isn't it? Now we know why kids asks for candies on that day :P

Cheri said...

You know Daws was Woody at age 4 :-)
They are both too cute!!
I miss the cute costumes!

seattlegal said...

Too cute! I love the costumes.

that is so funny that he's asking for the candy to put up.

Mandy said...

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