Sunday, October 21, 2007

3 month pictures

I've got copies for grandparents and aunts/uncle, need to get them into the mail soon. Got these done last week and I love them. Of course it helps that the subject is so darn cute!
I put Ryan in these red overalls all the time and I'm so excited that Tristan gets to wear them now too.
The Seahawks have been stinking lately, but he's still cute in the jersey. Why is it that this side-lying pose they do at this place always makes me think of a Play*girl centerfold?? LOL
My future quarterback.


Mandy said...

The one with him holding the football is absolutely adorable! He's certainly a cutie.

Heather said...

Oh, I can't pick a favorite - they are all too damn cute!!!

seattlegal said...

OMG - sooo cute!

OHN said...

OH! You're killin me! He is so adorable--you can actually see his personality! Personally I like the one with the Play*irl will be great for humiliation purposes when he is a mouthy teen :)

wanting4 said...

this is one cute kid! You can rest easy that its not just motherlove, that kid is adorable!

Stubborn Mom said...

I'v never commented but i couldn't stop myself from writing.
I liked the photos of your baby, very cute
Would like to take the same one of my baby girl when she is born
love the smile

Cheri said...

OMG sooo cute!!! I can't wait to get one!