Tuesday, October 09, 2007

3mo3d - What a guy!

Sorry I haven't updated in a bit, been busy and tired still. Sleeping isn't much better but at least last night he went right back to sleep after a feeding. He had started a nasty little habit of wanting to be up for about 30-45 min after a feeding which is simply ridiculous at 1am. Last night was better - whew!

Took him to the ped on Thursday to check his ears because he had been waking up screaming every once in a while. Ears are fine. He weighed in at a whopping 14lb 8oz and I had them measure him as well since I think he's getting too long for his infant car seat. He was 25.5 in and the seat goes to 26in. Then he had a classic growth spurt over the weekend and now his pjs fit tighter so I'm assuming he made it to 26in by now. I installed the big convertible carseat yesterday (planning on using the smaller one in Hubby's car) and Tristan absolutely HATED it. He screamed the entire time in it. So, I've put in the smaller of the convertible seats we have in for today and hoping for a different outcome.

Now to the meat of my post. Ryan is such a precocious little guy and this morning he gave us another great story for the blog. Hubby got up with Tristan at 6:45 and the two of them were in the office playing and cooing. Tristan has found his scream/squeal voice and prefers to use that mostly in the mornings. Anyway, at about 7:15 the two of them came in to wake me up and Ryan came out of his room to join the crew. With such excitement and joy in his voice he proclaimed that mommy and daddy HAD to come see this! Hubby followed him back to his room and I expected to hear about a cool layout of cars on his streets rug in his room, but I hear Hubby say that I really should get up and see this so I extracate myself from my warm comfy bed and investigate. Ryan had opened up his blinds and NEEDED to show us the pink and orange sky outside his room. "Look mom! It's the sunrise! The sun is waking up! Isn't it pretty???" Yes, my little man, it sure is. I just wish we had a camera upstairs to take a picture of it to include with the story because it really WAS a beautiful sunrise.


seattlegal said...

That's so cute! It was a pretty sunrise - I saw it as I was coming across the lake on my way in to work.

zarqa said...

That's so sweet! What a treat for Ryan to recognize such beauty...a sensitive little guy you have there.:)
I saw the sunrise on Monday as I was driving home from dropping DH off at the airport. Breathtaking to see the clouds hovering around the Cascades and the sun behind them.

OHN said...

Don't you just love it when you can see the world through their young, fresh eyes? I always loved hearing my boys descriptions of things that I had seen a million times but saw it "new" through them. :)

Echo said...

Greetings from Echo! :) I eventually expired out of FF yet I saved your blog link.