Tuesday, December 26, 2006

11w4d - NT Scan today & new due date

I had my nuchal translucency ultrasound today. This u/s is useful with some blood tests to help adjust odds for Trisomies, including Down Syndrome. The NT measurement ideally is below 3, our measurement was about 1.7mm, so a very nice result. We'll get the adjusted odds later after the blood has been analyzed too. My standard odds based on my age are about 1/300.

They did notice that the baby has a large bladder. This could be nothing or it could be something. It could be that the baby needed to pee and just hasn't yet, or it could be that there is a slight blockage in the urethra making it difficult to empty the bladder. We'll go back next week to take another look as see if the bladder is getting bigger. Hopefully it will be smaller by next week and we'll be in the clear. If it's bigger, then we'll probably come back again in a week to track the measurement. They said that one measurement isn't very useful, that they need to see the trend to know if there is an issue or not. The doctor said that they see this a lot and almost always it resolves itself by the next look.

They adjusted my due date based on the measurements today, so once again, I get to essentially skip a week of pregnancy!! Yippee!! I was about 11w3d based on my ovulation date today and baby measured at 12w3d, so my new due date is July 8, 2007. My OB likes to do repeat c-sections (which I'll probably end up with) about a week or so early, so we're more likely looking at a due date in the first week of July. Fine with me, that's before most of the heat hits around here!

Hubby and I thought we might have seen a penis today. The u/s tech said it's too early to say, which we know, but still. The doctor admonished us to not assume anything - that increased estrogen from me can cause more swelling of the genitals in the baby and what looks like a small penis could very easily be an enlarged clitoris at this point. He said that a friend of his and her husband came in for an u/s. Her husband is a radiologist and he was convinced that he saw a penis and was quite surprised at her 20wk u/s that they were having a girl. So, we still don't know gender yet. Maybe we'll see more next week, but not counting on it that's for sure. My acupuncturist still says girl, so we'll see.

Overall, it was a great appointment, even with our inconclusive bladder results. My parents are still in town and were able to come with us and see their last grandbaby on ultrasound which I know was very special for them. I do have some pics, but still haven't found a working scanner to be able to scan them in. I promise to work harder on that this week. I want to scan the pics before they start to naturally darken up.


Heather said...

Hope the bladder thing resolves itself. Glad they got to see their grandbaby!

Yeah, we want to see pictures Damnit!

seattlegal said...

Like the Heather above, this Heather hopes the bladder thing resolves itself.

That's also nice you got to skip a week of pregnancy. :-D

And yes, we want pictures!!! (Of course, I have a few new ones to scan too).

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Don't worry about the bladder thing - my DS had that - very common, especially in baby boys (and that combined with the possible penis sighting makes it seem you do have a little blue bean in there!) So glad things are going so well! =)

OHN said...

I am loving reading all "my" blogs that are now expecting and doing soooo well. It gives me a warm and fuzzy all over again :)

Linlee said...

I bet it's a boy! I went for my ultrasound today and we are 95% sure it's a girl and I'm 13 weeks. Congratulations!

MereCat said...

Glad the NT turned out well. Great milestone to get over, that's for sure! And I must add, chop, chop on the scanner! We want pictures!

Kristen said...

I am praying that that little one really had to go. I am sure that everything will be fine.