Thursday, December 07, 2006

8w6d - 1 hour glucose screening test results

I am OVER THE MOON to be able to tell you that I passed my glucose screening test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not diabetic - yet.

Back with NSWO, I did the 1 hr test at 25 wks due to a large family history of diabetes and failed with a score of 175 - ouch! Yesterday's test result was a mere 75, so my cute little pancreas is handling things just fine for now. The midwife said I don't need to repeat until 28 weeks.

I swear I feel about 15 lbs lighter right now!


Heather said...

YAY!!! That is super news! I'm so glad!

Michelle said...

That's great news!!! Hope it continues. GD stay away!

seattlegal said...

Yay for the great results!

Heather said...

I think telling friends and family in a Christmas card is a totally cute idea! I would so do that!!

I wasn't upset with the Christmas card thing - just with the ambush from a stranger...if it had been my friend that I could be happy for - totally different story. I don't know if it makes sense explained that way?

Nickie said...

Heather -

I totally understand your point about your post. A friend who is in the loop can announce good news and it's fine, but when you somehow feel 'safe' from the fertile world, to have it smack you in the face is hard.

We opted to go with a basic card this year, just well, just cause. DH hadn't gotten his part of the 'letter' written yet and I feel somehow that I don't want to jinx anything by announcing it so broadly before the 2nd tri.