Wednesday, December 13, 2006

9w5d - It's good to be back.

I finally got back to yoga class on Tuesday for the first time in a few weeks. I didn't realize how much my body missed it until after class. I just feel so much better when I've moved my body a bit.

We were snowed in a couple of weeks ago and Not So Wee One's preschool was cancelled. Not that I could get out of town to get to the gym with the ice on the roads either. Then, there was the field trip to a pottery studio where NSWO slapped some paint on a snowman and I painted the other two ornaments. And last Thursday was my day to work in the classroom so I missed yoga yet again.

I was happy to find that I hadn't lost too much in the way of flexibility and now that the nausea is gone (knock wood!) class was very enjoyable physically. There was some bad news too though. Another gal in the class who was pregnant with identical twins lost them at about 20 weeks to TTTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome). She seems to be doing amazingly well given the circumstances. Yoga provides a safe haven for her I think. I know it did for me after my loss in May.

My teacher gave me a very nice compliment yesterday too. He was giving me a pose to do for a bit while everyone else was doing their warm-up which I don't do while pregnant. Even though it's been a few weeks, I remembered exactly the plan and got right to it. He said that I have a really good memory for this stuff, including the sanskrit names for poses and that I should consider teaching someday. Very kind. I feel like I'd have to practice yoga a lot longer and achieve a higher level of proficiency before I should be teaching, but apparently you don't have to be able to do all the poses perfectly to understand them and be able to help others understand them too. Who knows what the future might bring, but it was sure flattering. Especially from him. We practice Iyengar yoga first founded by B.K.S. Iyengar and my teacher's teacher studied with B.K.S. Iyengar himself, so I guess there are only 3 degrees of separation between me and this renowned yoga master. That's pretty darn cool. Not that it's helped me with my arm balances yet. Oh well, all in good time, right?


michelle said...

Ooh, you make me want to go back. I did Iyengar yoga for a few years when I lived in DC, and finally got my act together and found a studio here earlier this year. But I haven't gone back since the summer. Maybe it's time to sign up again? What a great compliment from your instructor! (I'm envious - I can never remember the sanskrit names - I have to watch and copy everyone else!)

Nickie said...

Michelle - you should definitely go back, it's soo great! Read back in my earlier posts there are a few more about how yoga has been going. Here's one:

I was just reaching a new level in my practice when I got pg so now I get to hold off on the progress in yoga but it's all worth it. Part of me wishes I could still do some of the things, it was such a mental high when I finally was able to achieve them.

Heather said...

That is really cool. I could see you teaching yoga. You would be good at that.

Nilla said...

I miss yoga. I haven't done it in ages! I used to do Hatha yoga quite regularly, and really enjoyed it.

I know I should get back to it, I did feel so much more healthy when I was practicing it.

That's great that your instructor complimented you on your memory and techniques! :)

Good luck with your pregnancy and everything else!


MereCat said...

I kinda come and go on yoga. Like most things! I would love to get back to it especially after hearing your enthusiasm. You definitely should teach!