Friday, April 11, 2008

9mo pics & video

Been too long since I updated - again. Sorry. I suck.

House is on the market, but no action yet. The sellers of the other house did accept our offer with the contingency, so hopefully we can sell this one before that time runs out. We'll see. In the meantime, I get to enjoy my new powder room and my faboo granite counters.

Ok, onto baby updates. Tristan is a very speedy belly crawler, but not yet interested in getting up on hands/knees. That is ok by me, I can still outrun him this way. Swim class is going great, he is such a fish! Top teeth on their way, but no breakthrus yet.

What an angel.

Without that gunky eye, his baby blues just jump right out at you.

Videos: (I went back and added video to the 8mo old post too.)
9mo old chatterbox

Video: Tristan 9 months old

Crawling video

Video: Tristan's army crawl


Alli said...

Nickie - he is gorgeous. So sweet! And you know I loved his dachshund diaper. lol. It's so good to read a new post from you!

seattlegal said...

I agree with Alli - it's good to hear from you.

And Tristan is so adorable!!!

zarqa said...

That's so totally an army cute!! Aalia decided to start crawling on hands and knees and pulling up all within the same week, so I've got my hands full for sure. No teeth yet. And we started Waterbabies last week. Fun!

Anonymous said...

Great videos and pics...thanks

Linlee said...

He's sooo cute!!!