Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Poor sick baby boy.

Tristan is sick again. He developed an ear infection from his latest cold picked up at the gym childcare (oh joy!) and was just getting over that when we decided to go camping for the weekend with our neighbors. He refused to nurse nearly all day on Friday (which made me nervous since he still won't take a bottle and is not taking any version of milk out of a sippy cup yet) and I attributed it to the new surroundings while camping. He finally nursed on Saturday morning and later we got the first of many diarhhea diapers. Four full days later and he is still having diarhhea and today, he started some vomitting. Yuck. I was worried enough about dehydration on Sunday night after not noticing any wet diapers the entire day that I took him into the ER to get checked out. They said he was ok at that point and gave him some nausea meds to hopefully help him feel better and eat/drink more and to follow up with his pediatrician. After the vomitting today, I took him in and his doctor said that he is not quite at the point of needing IV fluids, but getting close to it. He sent us home with orders to give 1 tsp of electrolyte solution every 10 minutes + nursing as much as he was willing and if he held that down, to try a little applesauce for dinner. He ate about 2oz of applesauce, that was it.

The worst part is that he is losing weight from all of this. I was so excited when I took him in for that ear infection to see that he had gained 11oz in 3 weeks! I was sure he would make it to 20lb by one year so we could put a forward facing carseat in Daddy's Pri.us and save money on gas on the weekends, but now that probably won't happen for a bit longer. At that appointment, he was up to 19lb 11oz and as of today, he is back down to 18lb 14oz, nearly a pound lost in a matter of days - 5% of his total weight. He is so darn skinny!

For the most part, he is acting normally. A bit more clingy than usual, but wouldn't you be if your mommy could cuddle you all day long? My chiropractor is going to have some extra work to do after this is all over.

Hopefully we will be able to keep enough fluids in him to rehydrate without needing to go to the hospital for the IV.

On a lighter note, I have finished a few more knitting projects for gals online and I would love to show them off!

no idea why blogger can't figure out to NOT rotate this image. whatever.

This is probably my favorite so far, it is a soaker under layer (like the one above), but a skirt over the top, all in one piece. Took a long time, but sooo cute!

The mom I made the skirty for sent this picture of her little one in it at the beach - I can't STAND how dang cute she looks!!!


Heather said...

Sorry to hear he is not feeling well. Hope he is better soon. Love the pics of the projects!

Granddad said...

Hope you feel better soon, little guy.

Alli said...

1. OMG Poor little Tristan! That is the worst! I hope he doesn't need an iv and that he starts perking up soon.

2. The skirt is ADORABLE. You are very talented!

seattlegal said...

Just wanted to say happy birthday to Tristan (a day late)!

Kristen said...

You've been tagged!