Wednesday, May 16, 2007

31w5d - ultrasound pics

Today was my last 'big' ultrasound at the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Center. We checked on his kidneys, bladder, and his overall growth. Overall, the news is good. His left kidney is still measuring slighty above normal, but given his size they're not too worried about it. I expect that we'll be keeping an eye on his kidney after he's born and be on the alert for an increased risk of kidney infections or UTIs.
As I said above, he's measuring big. This is not new news. He's been consistently measuring ahead for weeks now. Four weeks ago at the OB office he was estimated to be 3lb 4oz (+/- 1lb). Today, almost 4 weeks later they estimate that this little chunky monkey is already 5lb 15oz (+/- 1lb). Yes, you read that right. I still have 7 weeks of growth to go and he's just under 6lbs - ALREADY! Heck, I was not that much over 6lbs at birth!! At this rate, he'll easily be over 9lbs by the time he comes out. I've said it before, but I'm so glad I don't have to push this kid out the hard way! LOL His head is measuring about 36 weeks.
And now, for the pics. This kid has had his hands in front of his face ever since the first time we did 3D pics at 21wks. Apparently, he likes them there. We actually saw him sucking on one of his hands today - so cute!
Here's what we could get of a face shot with that darn hand/arm in the way. Being a fetus is tough work!
Here, we get to see his chubby face. His right hand/arm is moved under his chin. That thing you see up by his forehead is his right foot. Yes, he's already doing yoga - very impressive!!Granted, I'm a little bit biased, but he's a very cute baby! And in so many ways he's already so different from his brother. I guess I'd better get used to it. I've been washing up the rest of NSWO's baby clothes and it just brings back so many memories of him in those cute outfits. I wonder how this one is going to look in them. Big.


Heather said...

He is a cutie.

I knew they were flexible - but that photo made my tummy hurt!!

Mony said...

And beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Time for me to leave another comment.

It's Erin-Elizabeth, from WebMD, TTCAS. I've been following your blog since you announced your news and I am so excited for you.

As it turns out, I am about 8 weeks behind you and expecting another boy myself at the end of August.

I love your updates and pictures and am so envious of your great 3D u/s. He really is a cutie and I'm so excited for you to meet him!

Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say hi. I have only commented one other time, but I do check your blog daily.

Best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy!


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