Friday, May 18, 2007

32w0d - updated belly pic

Here's the latest belly pic in all it's glory. My isn't that thing getting awfully round?? LOL
A frontal shot. Nice beach ball, huh? NWSO commented yesterday about how I have hardly any belly button left. I think it might actually make it to an outie this time.
Had my 32 wk OB appointment today too. Gained 7lbs in the last month and boy do I feel every ounce of it - hanging in front of me! That brings the total weight gain to 24lbs. At least we know that a minimum of 6lbs of that is him. Makes it easier to stomach somehow. In yoga, I'm really noticing the difference in my weight and how it's so far forward. Maneuvering into and out of poses is getting to be a workout in and of itself. One gal in class commented yesterday that she can see how the weight of the belly is trying to pull me down as I get up into handstands. It IS getting to be more work to get up there, but so far they're still happening and once I'm up, they still feel great.

Hubby is home now from his last business trip. He won't be heading out on the road again until after The Bean gets here (well after I hope). It's nice to have him back but honestly, it's a bit weird. Sometimes I feel like there is a visitor at the house - I just got so used to it being NSWO and I by ourselves. We'll get back into the swing of things soon.

I found a mini co-sleeper for pretty cheap on (LOVE that site!! Just be sure to include the 's' in the address - trust me.) so we'll have that in lieu of a bassinet in our bedroom in the beginning and since it folds up so well, we can take it with us when we go to visit Grandad and Grandma Jan in Oregon after he gets here. Plus, I should be able to re-sell it after we're done. Sidenote - if you like craigslist, you'll LOVE It's the ads from craigslist, but only the ones with pics and it's displays the pics to browse thru. If you see something you like, you click on it to see the text with the ad. Brilliant!


OHN said...

You look so much like I did with #2 son. From the back I have my normal little butt but the side and front views were terrifying by week 38 :) The good news is that when I left the hospital I was in my regular jeans...(#3 son was an entirely different matter...he is 12 and I am still in maternity clothes:)

Nickie said...

oh I hope I can get back to my old body quickly. With #1 I was so swollen from all the fluids that I looked 6-7 mo pg for a couple of weeks still. I'll plan to wear maternity clothes home and for a bit at least. I'm quite surprised at how big my boobs are getting this time - scared of what they'll be like when my milk comes in! LOL

Kristen said...

I JUST HAVE TO ASK: Where the heck are your stretch marks??? I am so jealous, you look fantastic! :>)

Nickie said...

Kristen - oh, the stretch marks are there - I promise. But remember, it's been 4 years since I've been this pregnant so they've had lots of time to fade to silvery-white vs. the purple monstrosity they first were. I'm a bit surprised as well that they are not showing up in the photos. Should bode well for when we do some maternity pics next week. I hope so anyway, less re-touching should make it a bit less expensive.

Michelle said...

You look fantastic!!! Keep us posted on the belly button popping. So you didn't pop with NSWO? I've been curious about what's going to happen to mine - usually a pretty deep innie.

I am so impressed that you are STILL doing handstands. Keep it up as long as you can!

Alli said...

Oh my gosh you look awesome! How are you feeling?!

A said...

Wow, lookin' great mama! What a nice round belly :)

And I cannot believe you are still doing handstands. Definitely an inspiration to me although since I'm scared to do them non-preg I don't think I'll be trying them now...but after this baby comes I might just have to get over my fear!

Thanks for the listpic tip too, I'm going to check it out.