Friday, July 13, 2007

0w7d - Official Due Date & official nickname

Tristan is a week old today, although he looks about 2 months old.

I'm so happy to report that we both got some GREAT sleep last night. Nighttime feeds still take an hour, but he let me sleep from 10-1, then 2-4 and 5-7. In fact, as I type this, he's still asleep at 8am.

Tristan has officially earned his nickname too - Squirt. From the first moments out of the womb when he peed at my face into the window of the drape, to the first diaper change for Daddy where he nailed Daddy right in the front of his shorts (making it appear as if Daddy had peed himself), to the numerous times he's showered himself and me in the last week - this kid is definitely a Squirt.

Last night, he added a new trick to his squirt regimine. During the 4am feeding, I was changing his poopy diaper before offering him the second breast. I've since learned my lesson to keep a cloth diaper draped over his penis to keep the shower from getting everywhere. No sooner had I put the new diaper under his bum than he started to fill it up again. Oh crud! Grab another wipe, another diaper and start over. I was bringing the diaper over to put it under his bum and he squirted again - this time I caught it, but it got all over my hand in the process. Mind you, I'm downstairs by myself and everyone else is peacefully asleep upstairs. Luckily, my mom is staying with us and happened to be awake and came downstairs to see if I needed help. All in all, I think we went thru 4-5 diapers for that one diaper change! Crazy.

Oh, yes, and lest we forget yesterday's bath adventure. Squirt's first bath at home and he's all nice and clean and cuddled in a warm soft fluffy towel with Daddy when we hear it. That sound that means he's not alone in that towel anymore. Then it happens again, and again. Thank goodness I hadn't emptied the bath water yet so we dipped the bottom half in a few times and Nana got a new towel. This time, the cuddles were cut short in favor of a diapered bottom. Ah, the joys of parenting a newborn.

I'll get more pics up soon, I promise.


Heather said...

Good Times.

This post brought back a lot of memories from when my nephew was a baby...I learned quickly to keep that thing covered at ALL times. In the bath, a washcloth. At diaper changes I would uncover it and cover it back up because often times the cold air would make him go. lol good times.

Alisa said...

LMBO!! The joys of changing a little boy. One time when Dakota's dad was giving him a bath Dakota peed and got his face, it took a while before he would bathe him again.

He is a cute little boy, congrats.

Alli said...

Oh, that is too cute Nickie! I am so jealous! I can't wait to be changing diapers in the middle of the night. Like starting tonight. Seriously - I would love to go into labor right this instant. Any advice?

Glad you have your mom there to help out - you need to get some of those "pee pee tepee's." Have you seen those things? So clever!

Mandy said...

LOL. Thankfully when Katie was a newborn and she'd pee, it just kinda bubbled. Never a fountain like little boys. One thing I was so grateful for!

Although somewhat funny now, I'm sure it isn't at the time. Glad to hear your Mom is there to help.

How's NSWO doing with having his baby brother home?

OHN said...

My boys always waited till they were in a nice warm tub to empty themselves out from every orifice that was under the water. I can't tell you how many times we would have to dump the bathwater into the toilet and start all over.

seattlegal said...

Aaah yes - I have been squirted at quite a few times from my little guy and been changing his diaper when he was still in the middle of pooping. Lovely!

Heather said...

Since we only had a girl, I'm aways afraid to change boy's diapers. Always afraid for the "squirt." Too funny. Congratulations on the official due date!

S said...

Belated congratulations to you and the Squirt!

My poor uncle got peed on by all of his newborn's amazing that he reproduced at all-I was sure that he was scarred for life....

Seriously, enjoy every second-he is absolutely adorable!!

PS-Harry Potter was really good!