Wednesday, July 18, 2007

1w6d - BumGenius Baby

Here's Tristan in his first Bum Genius All-In-One Cloth Diaper. Trust me, even though he's screaming in the picture, he loves them. He just hates diaper changes. These things are so awesome! Just as easy to use as disposables and reusable and WAAAAY cuter!! I did plan to use a bunch of Kissaluv fitted diapers with covers, but turns out that's too many steps for me and Squirt wasn't patient enough for me to get it figured out. I think I'll just stick with the Bum Genius for now. I've got a friend who wants to buy the KLs from me anyway for her baby she's expecting soon so it all works out. I have some of the One Size pockets from BG too, but haven't used them yet. Somehow they seem like they'd be too bulky on the little guy.

It's been a busy week. NSWO's bday party on Monday was a huge hit! Hard to believe he's 4 already. He got lots of fun presents including a few games that are fun for Mom and Dad too.

Wednesday was also our day of pediatrician appointments for the boys. Since they're birthdays are so close together, I'll be able to schedule them together for years to come which will be nice. I didn't realize that NSWO was going to need 5 immunizations though - poor guy! I think it was harder on me and my post-partum hormones than it was on him though. He was such a trooper and didn't even want any Motrin afterwards.

Tristan is doing very well. He's nearly back to his birth weight already at 12days old and he's officially 'off the charts' for length, weight, and head circumfrence. His latch seems to be improving a lot and the LC gave me some 'all purpose nipple ointment' that the pharmacy at the hospital mixes up to get my nips to heal up faster. His feedings are starting to be faster and better spaced as well. I asked the LC when babies who do this cluster feeding thing tend to stop and she said, "When you're completely fed up and ready to quit nursing usually they'll give you a break." My response was, "Oh good, so tomorrow should be better?" And it was, oddly enough. He's starting to get a bit of a routine at night too - feeding at 10pm, 1am, 4am, 7am for the most part. We had pizza last night though and apparently he's not a big fan. Poor guy had horrible gas all night long - I'll definitely be needing a nap today.


Keeping The Faith said...

I'm so glad that your updating and posting pictures! Squirt is so dang cute! I also didn't realize how "fashionable" cloth diapers could be. I am so happy to hear all is going well.

Happy #4 B-day to NSWO!!! They sure grow up quick.


Mandy said...

Cute BG AIO! We jumped right into prefolds/covers when Katie was about a week old. I've never been a fan of the AIO's, but I've heard great things about the BG's. I like the BG one-size for when we're out and about. They have great absorbency. Plus are easier to deal with than CPF's/covers in a diaper bag.

Glad to hear that Tristan is settling into somewhat of a routine. The first 3 weeks were the most difficult for us w/ BF'ing. Hopefully it keeps getting better for you!

seattlegal said...

Happy bday to NSWO! Thanks for posting a pic (something I should do more of) - he's so cute. My babies don't like those diaper changes either.