Friday, August 03, 2007

4w old - The battle with thrush

Tristan and I are dealing with thrush. This is no fun at all. Not as bad for me - I get shooting pains in my nipples after a feeding, but really it's not much worse than the pins and needles feeling when your leg falls asleep. Poor Tristan though has it rougher. He's got the white patches in his mouth so at times during the day he'll not want to nurse because it's uncomfortable. He's also got a nasty diaper rash, but the Rx cream is helping that one pretty well. The biggest issue for him is that the yeast overgrowth has made it into his intestines. If you think about what yeast does to bread dough, you can imagine that everytime he nurses, the milk feeds the yeast in his gut and they explode causing serious gas bubbles for the little guy. Mostly at night too. I can feel the bubbles rumbling around in there and he grunts and cries out until he's able to fart it all out. He mostly sleeps thru these attacks, but unfortunately, I do not. It gets to the point that the only thing that will soothe him is to feed him and then the whole thing starts over again. Ugh. He's on oral meds and the cream, but I'm not sure it's helping yet. We did the Gentian Violet stuff one night, but it turned his lips so purple that I want/need to wait until after we do pictures tomorrow before doing it more.

I'm on meds too, but not sure they're enough, I may have to move on to something more powerful which I really don't want to do.

I think this kid could sleep sooo much better if we could get rid of this gas. I thought it was getting better for a couple of nights and he actually slept from 10pm to 3am night before last. Unfortunately, last night was back to the multiple awakenings and I'm exhausted again. Will definitely be needing a nap today.

In happier news, Hubby's mom is in town visiting and we're all having a great time. Wish me luck that the thrush clears up soon so we can all get some rest.


Heather said...

You sure are a trooper. Lots of women quit breastfeeding, especially with Thrush.

Hope it all clears up soon.

Alli said...

the poor little guy! Hope the thrush goes away fast. That sound like no fun!