Saturday, August 25, 2007

7w1d - No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth.

Sorry, been busy. We were out of town visiting FIL and his wife (feels weird to say step-MIL) in Oregon and then, well, not much time to sit at the laptop and write a post. I'll try to get better and just do little ones more frequently.

Had my 6wk PP check-up - cleared to work out again - just in time for my long-time yoga teacher (for about 8-9 years) to leave the gym I go to. He's got a studio but I can't afford those prices. I'm bummed - seriously. Don't know yet what I'm going to do for yoga classes yet as the gym hasn't hired a replacement. Guess I'll have to start with good old cardio and weights - boring! Oh yeah, and I'm officially 4lbs UNDER my pre-pg weight - without working out! How'd that happen? My clothes still don't fit right AT ALL thanks to the overstretched belly skin that might never go back on it's own, but at least the number on the scale is being nice to me even if the number on the back of my pants isn't.

Still haven't gotten pics yet - working on it. Here's a blurry smile from yesterday - he won't hold still when he's smiling/laughing so they're all blurry.

Here, he seems to be saying, "Put 'em up, put 'em up!" He wiggles around so much lately, cracks me up!
I finished the blanket I have been knitting for Tristan. I'd planned to finish it on the day he was born but he had other ideas. I'll post a pic of this soon too. I love how it turned out. It's pretty big - crib sized and yarn is so soft and yummy. I taught myself how to do a cable stitch and how to weave in the ends for this project.
Ok, he's awake, more later.

ETA: Ok, it's later and I just had to add this. Tristan rolled from his tummy to his back - TWICE! I put him on his belly/elbows to look at the mirror on his activity mat and he almost immediately decided he'd rather not be in that position and rolled over. Put him back and he did it again!! I think this kid is going to keep my on my toes - rolling over at 7wks??? Oh boy.


Heather said...

Under your PPweight? holy cow woman, what is your secret?!

Nickie said...

My secret?? Breastfeeding exclusively. This moose eats a lot and I just imagine that everytime he's sucking milk out that he's also sucking out calories. From the looks of the pumped milk lately, I'm producing mostly cream! LOL

This happened last time too, but over the course of the first year, I gained 15lb back, so this time, I'm determined to keep that from happening.

Heather said...

I just read your update - YAY!!

yes, you are going to have your hands full! there any way I can breastfeed even if I don't have kids?

seattlegal said...

Nice blanket.

Yay on the weight!

And wow, rolling over already!