Saturday, September 01, 2007

8w1d - Sleep is a beautiful thing

Tristan was ready for bed last night and in his crib asleep by 7:45. I was so worried that him wanting to go down so early was going to mean a loooong night for me, but happily it did not. He stirred a bit at 1:00 and was happy to go back to sleep once I gave him back his pacifier. He didn't wake to eat until 2:00, then right back to bed. He actually slept thru the diaper change and re-swaddle after eating. Not a peep until 5:15. I probably could have gotten away with another 'binky rescue' but my poor boob was so engorged I was willing to feed him. Then he slept until 7:30 this morning and by 8:45, he was down for a nap. When they say sleep begets sleep in a baby, it's so true. I feel like a new woman.

Gonna take him for a walk in the jogger (reclined) to the store later to get stuff for dinner. It's a beautiful day here in Seattle and not just because it's sunny and warm.


Coty said...

I am SO jealous. I wish Charlie would sleep like that. The longest he's slept was 8-1:50, and that was a total fluke. I'm lucky if I get three hour stretches out of him. I've started napping during his long morning nap, though, so I'm more able to do things during his afternoon nap. Hope he keeps sleeping for you!

Sabrina said...

Glad he's sleeping more. Makes you feel like a whole new person. I hope he keeps it up!