Sunday, September 16, 2007

10w2d - Well, that's not going to work (& pics)

So, I took the Zol.oft on Friday night and when I got up to feed Tristan at 1:30 I was really groggy. I thought, great, it's going to make me sleepy, that's perfect. Well, then once I got back to bed I couldn't get back to sleep for an hour and a half. As if the insomnia wasn't enough, my RLS flared up so badly! I haven't had any RLS issues since the 2nd trimester and BAM, one Zol.oft and my legs are running a friggin' marathon under the sheets. I tried taking it on Saturday in the late morning to see if I could tolerate the RLS better during the day. I was a walking zombie for about 3-4 hours and then the RLS was back. The zombie part was so odd - for those few hours I was so darn apathatic. You could have told me my house was on fire and I'd hardly move any faster. Those side effects are just not acceptable to me so I did not take any meds today. I'll be calling my OB tomorrow to see if there are any non-SSRI (selective seratonin reuptake inhibitors) meds that are safe during breastfeeding. If not, I'll try to muscle thru this with out meds because I'm not giving up breastfeeding and I'm not taking an SSRI. I took Celexa (another SSRI) years ago and the biggest reason I wanted to get off of it was that it made my RLS so bad. Ugh.

Oddly enough, I'm feeling a lot better the last couple of days, even with a bad sleep night last night. I think just admitting that I wasn't feeling 'right' helped me to force myself to be in a better mood. When I think about dealing with those side effects for months, I'm motivated to try and work my way out of this funk on my own.

On a much happier note, we finally got those pictures from our friends. Here's some of my favorites.


kewd said...

Your pictures are beautiful :)

I found you from FF, I am gottagiggle*with*twins, living in Portland. *waves hi neighbor*

OHN said...

Nickie-what precious photos. I hope that when you look at them in a couple years you are able to remember a good feeling and not the ppd taking over.

When I had son #2, we had a 17 month old and my mom died when S2 was only 6 weeks old. It was the year from hell. I didn't know I had ppd plus I was too ashamed to tell anyone how I felt so out of control, ANGRY, resentful toward my precious baby etc. I suffered in silence.

I am so glad you are aware of the symptoms and hope they can give you something that doesn't interfere with breast-feeding. There are many many out there to try, just give them a chance. I look back and it makes me so sad that I basically threw away S2's first year of life--there are too many things I don't remember.

Aunt April said...

Gorgeous pictures! Can't wait to see the others! Give them kisses from their Auntie April!

Love ya!

seattlegal said...

Great pictures!!

Alli said...

You are lovely! LOVE the pictures!

Cheri said...

Omgoodness I just want to give him a big squeeze - you too of course sis! lol
Those are too damn cute!!!