Sunday, December 16, 2007

5mo1w - We have started solids

I was originally going to wait until 6 mo based on the AAP recommendations. The only reason I relented and started a bit early is that Tristan has been wanting to nurse every 90 min during the day. I figured at first it could be a growth spurt and that he'd even out in a few days, but he's still wanting to nurse that often and shows several other 'signs of readiness' so off we go.

Started with bananas (Ger.ber organic) and he was not really very fond of them. I decided to thaw out one of the overripe frozen bananas I have in my freezer for doing banana bread someday (hahahaha) and see if he liked it better. His reaction was still so-so. I got maybe 6-10 spoonfuls (small ones at that) in him before he was turning his head away telling me he was done.

Tonight, I decided to break out the sweet potatoes (again, Ger.ber organic) but since these don't come in the smaller 1st foods size container I had to open one of the larger 2nd food size ones. I figured we might not get thru it before it goes bad, but might as well try. Oh boy! We have ourselves a winner here folks! Tristan not only liked it, but he kept opening up his mouth wide and getting all excited about another spoonful coming at him. I kid you not, he ate nearly the entire container! My little piggy.

And as I type this, he is having some tummy time on his playmat and I swear he's trying to figure out how to get his knees under him so he can crawl. This kid hasn't rolled over on his own yet, but he wants to crawl? Huh?

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Alli said...

Ok, we haven't done sweet potatoes yet but I'm going to get some today. That was quite the endorsement! Rose hasn't found anything she loves yet except Rice Cereal which stops her up terribly. We're going to try oatmeal today.

Hope all is going well! I am back at Blogger after trying miserably to maneuver through wordpress. LOL.

Merry Christmas to you!