Sunday, February 17, 2008

Got the videos working - I think

My wonderful hubby helped me get the videos to work - with sound! I have added a few more too for the fun of it.

Tristan is 7 months old!

Video: Tristan is Seven Months Old!

This one was a couple of months ago, but one night Tristan just got the BIGGEST kick out of me startling him. It was going on for at least 5 min before Hubby got the video camera out.

Video: Baby Giggles

This one is of Ryan when he was about 2. He got into the habit of asking me over and over and over and over, "Mooom, whatcha doin' Mom??" So I got him back. Cracks me up everytime.

Video: Annoying (a) 2.5 Year Old

And because laughing babies are always funny, here is Ryan at a year old in the backyard pool on a VERY hot summer day.

Video: Funny Baby Laugh


Anonymous said...

OMG...these are just priceless...thanks.

Keeping The Faith said...

I enjoyed all of the videos... thank goodness for camcorders so we can capture such precious moments.