Friday, February 29, 2008

We have a tooth!

He has been drooling buckets for weeks, maybe months, with nary a chomper in sight. Then today, I am looking in there and Whoa! a tooth has broken thru. It is one of the bottom teeth and I expect that it's mate will be here soon too.

He is soooo ready to crawl! Tonight, I had him spend some naked time on his activity mat (poor guy had a red bum, so I wanted to air it out) and he was getting around so well. Not in a straight line, mind you, more in circles, but he was moving around a lot. He can turn around while on his belly and after one or two loops, finds himself farther away from his starting point. I think he will be officially crawling before Hubby's birthday in March.

He is also sleeping on his tummy these days and I think it is going to be the final piece in the sleeping-thru-the-night puzzle. Last night, for example, he did not stir at all until 4:30 and went right back to sleep afterwards until almost 8:00 this morning.


Pat said...

No more chewing on my thumb for him!

seattlegal said...

Yay for the first tooth and almost crawling!

My babies have yet to have one pop through. Ella is close to crawling. Benjamin is not.

Alli said...

Rose has 4 teeth and just now the fifth one is poking through. . . so nursing wise, that is unpleasant.

She also does sleep on her tummy which still freaks me out a bit but she is determined. I try not to obsessively check on her but it's hard!