Tuesday, May 06, 2008

10 mo old - video and pics

Tristan is 10 months old today. He has been outside of the belly longer than he was in it. Crazy.

He is trying to figure out crawling on hands and knees, but since he gets around so quick on his belly he gives up and just army crawls most of the time. He is really enjoying crawling over things and even up the stairs - eeek! He likes to crawl over to the sofa and pull up to knees and then feet when daddy is lying there relaxing. We have been showing Tristan how to wave Hi and Bye by opening and closing our hand (vs. the side to side open hand wave) and he is just starting to get the opening and closing of his hand, at least the first couple of fingers and thumb. He likes to stick his hand out and say something close to "Hi!" to daddy and to the dog he even adds, "Ha Buh!" for Hi Buddy!

In the last couple of weeks we decided to bite the bullet and I stopped feeding Tristan during the night. It only took about 3-4 nights of some crying and fussing before he figured out that the plans had changed. And not a moment too soon, this morning at 5am, he stirred and got himself up to his knees in his bed and could not figure out how to get back down and cried for a bit. Poor thing, he will figure it out soon, I hope.

Ok, pics and video.

What a happy baby!
Oh, it's you again!

Look at all that hair! Ryan didn't have that much until well after a year.

Mmmmm, bear toes! Yum.

Video: Tristan 10 months old


Alli said...

OMG, Nickie, he is so stinking cute! And it seems like just yesterday we were comparing beta notes! lol

Granddad Pat said...

What a treat these pics and videos are. Thanks.

seattlegal said...

What an absolutely adorable little guy! I can't believe he's already 10 months! I can't believe mine are almost 11 months! Time sure flies!