Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mwa Buh-dee

Tristan now has a 3rd tooth. His top right incisor broke thru officially today. He is still working furiously (and I mean that literally) on the other 3 of the top 4 teeth.

We are taking the house off the market and staying put for at least another year or so - riding out the crappy market and economy. I am actually very relieved, prices are getting so high for everything these days and it will be nice to not increase our mortgage payment at the same time.

Lastly, Tristan has added a few words to his vocabulary. Included are "Buh Bye" with the adorable open/close hand wave and today he was putting his open hand on his mouth and then saying something like "Mwah Buh-dee!" I swear he was blowing a kiss to the dog - how friggin cute is that?? If it becomes a regular thing, I will try to catch it on video.


Alli said...

OMG that is cute. I am HOOKED on the talking. It gets me every time! It's so exciting when they start really communicating!

seattlegal said...

That is adorable! I love hearing them talk and waving. It's so cute!

sasafrass97 said...

I love when babies start waving. Naomi is starting it too.


Pat said...

Bonding with Buddy! That's great.