Friday, November 17, 2006

6w0d - Good things happen in threes too!

You know how people say that bad news comes in 3s? Well, it turns out that good news does too. Congratulations to Alli who also got her BFP this week. That makes three of us in the Seattle area who are all due within a week of each other. How cool is that?

Ladies, this is going to be quite a ride, so glad to be able be on the ride with you.


Alli said...

LOL. It is amazing. I feel like that part of my life belongs to someone else. It doesn't seem real to me yet.

I can't wait until I can relax about it a little. You are so positive and upbeat - it's contageous. Your helping me so much and I really appreciate it!


OHN said...

Hmmmmm- What is in the water in Seattle? ;)

Nickie said...

it's not in the water it's in the RAIN!!!!

seattlegal said...

For some reason, my blog reader isn't updating, so I didn't see this until now!

It is very cool! I'm looking forward to the experience!