Friday, November 10, 2006

5w0d - Pinch me.

This still doesn't seem real. I am officially 5weeks pregnant today and aside from a few mild symptoms, I feel exactly the same. I've had some pretty intense hot flashes which started even before I knew I was pregnant. At swim class, the pool area is heated for the comfort of the swimmers, but when you're pregnant with extra progesterone flowing thru the veins, it's not comfortable to be in there for long. By the time we left I looked like I'd applied my blush with a mop, my cheeks were sooo pink. I'm still getting occasional pinching & pulling cramps and my breasts get pretty tender every once in a while. And my pants are already starting to not fit right. This happened with NSWO too, pretty much the day the test was positive, I was bloated enough to not fit into my jeans. I'm actually very glad to have these symptoms though because it helps me feel more at ease and hopeful that this pregnancy is going to stick around.

But overall, I feel so normal and not pregnant. I may be changing my tune in a couple of weeks when morning sickness typically sets in. I never got it with NSWO, so I'm hopeful to be able to avoid it again, but if that's what it takes to get a healthy baby, I'll take it I guess.

I also wanted to send out a HUGE congratulations to Heather who found out this week that her IVF was successful and from the look of her betas, I'd say VERY successful. Way to go girlfriend!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Nickie!

I haven't had much in the way of symptoms either - maybe a little bit here and there - same as you. I just don't feel pregnant yet.

Linlee said...

I went through the same thing at first. I even took an HPT AFTER being to the I just need reassurance.

Nickie said...

see, this is why we need the color-coded nipples! if we get nervous that we don't 'feel' pg, we can always look down into our bras and see pink or blue (or both) and know that the little one is ok in there. I just don't understand why that's too much to ask. I know it would help keep me sane. But I'd probably be walking around all day looking in my bra!

Anonymous said...

LOL. I would be looking in my bra all the time too if we had color-coded nipples!

Mike Cappelletti said...

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