Monday, November 27, 2006

7w3d - Yea for my blog friends! Yea for my blog friends!

Yes, I meant to repeat that title. I have TWO (count 'em TWO) blog friends who are also pregnant and due near me, Alli & Heather. Well, both of them found out today that they are each having TWO babies!! Yep, both of them are incubating twins! How awesome is that??

Some of you might be thinking that I might feel left out of this perfect trifecta, but you know what? You'd be wrong. I have no desire for twins and am happy beyond words for both of them (both of them) and even happier that I'll get to experience their twin pregnancies from a slight distance.

What a great Monday update! And we're having snow - even out here in the valley. Fun stuff.


OHN said...

I have had so much fun these last few days reading about all the pregancies that have finally happened. We worked on it for over 8 years and each time one of you would post another negative it made me so sad for you all. Somehow weirdly I feel like and old auntie to all these little ones coming since I have been rooting for all of you ;)

Heather said...

I'm just so damn happy for all of you! It seemed like so much bad stuff was happening in the blogosphere and the good news was desperately needed.

Keeps the rest of us in the game, ya know? Seeing it happen for you guys is just so good for my soul. Gives me hope. I'm just so excited for you!!!!

Alli said...

Oh, I really, really wish that I was only having one. . . are you sure you don't want to trade? I was not great at being pg with just one in there! LOL.

Wen782 said...

Nickie, I'm really glad that you have a healthy little bean in there, miss! I hope the trend of a boring PG continues for you and that you get your perfect little bean in your arms at the end of it. Hugs, miss, you did it!! Too funny on the babe picking up on Mommy having another one, too! LOL

Nickie said...

Alli - I hear ya on being freaked about twins, I was sooo scared heading into my 1st u/s thinking "oh god what if it's twins??"

Even now, at the beginning of the long haul that is pg, I'm remembering the not so pleasant parts and thinking Oh Boy! but remember, it's only temporary. Even the first few hard months are only temporary. I bet you get 2 girls to round out the family.

Wendy - thanks for stopping by. I have a chair with your name on it on this side. Although I suspect there are several of us holding a spot open for you. Soon, yes?? I sure hope so.

Wen782 said...

I hope so, Miss Nickie, but I'll have to wait and see what the new year brings. Hopefully I won't have to wait too long, though! I at least want to get more aggressive with the testing to find out if I've got an immune issue or something like that going on!