Friday, January 05, 2007

13w0d - Combined screen results are in.

We had the NT scan about a week or so ago and at the same time, they took a sample of blood to run some tests. That info was combined with the NT measurement, the size of baby in terms of dates, and my age to give us an adjusted risk for Downs Syndrome and other trisomies and birth defects.

I don't have recorded anywhere the NT measurement with NSWO's pregnancy, but I do have what we got for adjusted odds with his pregnancy.

Downs Syndrome adjusted risk: 1/5100
Spina Bifida adusted risk: 1/4600
Adjusted risk for other trisomies: negative (risk was less than 1%, no fractional odds given)

NSWO turned out just fine.

Now, on to this current pregnancy. For The Bean, we got:

NT measurement = 1.7mm.

My age based risk for Downs Syndrome is 1/374.
My adjusted risk for Downs Syndrome is 1/7461.

My age based risk for other trisomies and birth defects is 1/667.
My adjusted risk for these is 1/13,321.

No need for an amnio or CVS. I can't stop smiling. Not that I expected there to really be an issue, especially after the great NT measurement, but when you're diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve, they emphasize to you that running out of eggs also can mean that what you have left is the bottom of the barrel and might not be any good. I guess we showed them! My 33 yr old egg seems to be a better risk than my 29 yr old egg was!


Heather said...

I'm so happy for you! Super, super news!

seattlegal said...

GREAT news!

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MereCat said...

You are right! Not that you expect anything to be wrong, its just that as a part of IF, you get threatened that more is potentially wrong than with someone who hasn't had their eggs labeled yet. Congratulations on such wonderful news! It's a big deal!