Wednesday, January 10, 2007

13w5d - Ultrasound pics - a retrospective

I finally got the scanner up and running, so here's the history to date of ultrasound pics.

This first one is at 6w5d and, granted, doesn't look like much. The circle in the upper left corner is the yolk sac and the blob at the bottom center is the Bean. The yolk sac provides nourishment for the baby until the placenta is large enough to take over that job.

This 2nd one is at 8w5d and you can more clearly see the yolk sac (it's smaller now as the placenta is growing and will take over nourishment of the baby soon.) The Bean is the bigger blob on the left of the big black circle (the gestational sac).

This third pic is from 12w2d. I was technically 11w3d by ovulation date, but baby was already measuring big so they moved my due date up. Here, finally, the Bean is starting to look like a baby - albeit with a VERY big head. The head is on the right, the rest of the body is sort of curled up on the left. You can see the sort of dotted line across the bottom that is the spine. Squint and you can see it better. LOL

The fourth and fifth ones are from this week at 14w2d. We didn't get any print outs last week, but that's ok, my bladder was so full, all I wanted to do was be done and find a bathroom!

In this one, you can get a much clearer profile of the Bean. What a cute little nose!!!

This last one is my favorite. It's, again, not extremely clear, but you see that little blob in front of it's face? That's the Bean sucking it's thumb. How cute is that???

The other news from yesterday's ultrasound is that the bladder was even smaller. In fact, the tech had to hunt around a bit to get a good view to be able to measure it. We're very happy that this scare seems to be behind us. We go back in 2 more weeks for an anatomy scan where they will take a longer look and measure several parts of the Bean. We expect that at that ultrasound they will also confirm that we are having another boy. Yes, Hubby and I are about 90% sure we saw a penis yesterday while the tech was looking around to measure the bladder. At one point, the view was as if the Bean was sitting on the camera lens. This is the same view we got of NSWO at 14 weeks that confirmed he was a boy, so we're pretty sure of what we saw. Granted, the tech didn't confirm anything, but he also wasn't trying to look for gender. I'll guess we'll see for sure in a couple of weeks.

I admit to being a bit saddened by this news. Not because the baby is a boy (not at all!), but because this is/was my last chance of ever having a little girl. I know that in the long-term I will grow to appreciate that not having a girl is going to be better - no teenage girl drama!! - but I am sad about missing out on the short-term fun parts. The shopping for pink stuff, playing dolls with her, taking my daughter to ballet class.

My best friend who had identical twin girls in September suggested we should arrange the marriages now. Her girls to my boys. I hope the kids don't mind too much not being able to choose who they marry. Ahh, they'll get over it! Don'tcha think?


MereCat said...

So much fun! I'm so glad everything looks good, and your baby is growing well. And if it really is a boy, think of all the teenage girl hormone rushes you won't have to deal with! Boys ALWAYS love their mamas!

seattlegal said...

I love the pic of The Bean sucking his thumb. So cute.

Heather said...

Sooo freakin adorable! Love the thumb-suckin photo - too cute! Glad the Bean is doing better.

You can still play dolls with little boys. I played dolls with my nephew and he is very nurturing now - he adores animals and takes good care of them. Of course, correlation does not equal causation but I like to think I affected him. lol

OHN said...

My 3 boys wish I would arrange marriage to the 3 girls next quote my boys "they are sooooo HOT!" Ahhh the testosterone of teens.

If bean is in fact a boy, welcome to the club of moms with only is a very select group and you should feel proud :)

Mandy said...

It's so cute to see the profile pics and when they're sucking their thumbs. It still amazes me how much Katie really does look like her profile u/s shots we have.

It is fun to have a little girl to dress up and put bows in her hair, but there's something I'll miss about romping around and getting dirty with little boys. The grass is always greener... ;)

Mia Calendar said...

Congrats on your Bean from a lurker:) Good to hear all is well.
Would your friend mind if you posted her twin girls' names (first only of course)? My sister is having twin girls and is absolutely stumped for names, so I've been looking for something cute, since she only has 3 more weeks to go.
Sadly, they will have to be my girl buying outlet, as my baby boy may be an only. I comfort myself by saying I am raising a wonderful man, who may one day be a wonderful father and husband.