Wednesday, January 31, 2007

16w5d - Boy oh BOY!

Had the big ultrasound today and we were right, that was a penis we saw 3 weeks ago! He's still all boy and looking great! Measuring about 1.5 weeks ahead and bladder looks good too.

This is the "money shot". I'm not good at photoshoping to put a nice arrow at the right spot, but if you see the black area that's sort of shaped like a crescent wrench, in the crescent area - the white part is the penis.

Here's a cute shot of his left foot.

And here's a nice profile, head on the right. That's his arm laying above his tummy.

Now, to find a name for this guy. He had the hiccups during the u/s and we've got a VHS tape of it, but have to get Hubby to encode it to digital so we can share it.

Speaking of Hubby, poor guy has the flu. Not the tummy variety, but the "Did you get the license of the truck that hit me?" type. Luckily, he listened to me and went to the Dr. yesterday and is on an antiviral now so hopefully he'll get better soon. NSWO and I both had the vaccine, so hoping this strain was covered by that. Especially since I can't take anything for it if I do get it.


seattlegal said...

It is so cool to see the u/s pics! Have I mentioned I cannot wait for my next ultrasound when we might find out the gender of these two babies?

Sorry your hubby is sick!

Heather said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Are you telling NSWO he is having a brother? That is so cool. I have to say Patrick is a quality name...just a thought.

Michelle said...

Very cool pictures! He left you with no doubt -- your boy is not shy! ;)

Hope your hubby feels better soon. I've had the flu before, and hit by a truck is exactly right. Which reminds me to get my shot ASAP ...


Nickie said...

Patrick IS a great name and I can't imagine why Heather at BigP and Me would recommend it!?! My FIL is Patrick and my Hubby's middle name is Patrick. I like using family names, but not for first names. I feel that a child should have their own first name and we'll try to find a family name (from my side this time hopefully) of a non-living relative for a middle name.

We did tell NSWO about his little brother and he's excited, but then again he's 3 so he's already moved on to other things. LOL

Hubby is slowly getting better. Makes me sooo glad that NSWO and I got our vaccine in October.

Anonymous said...

My husband ended up naming son#2 while I was on heavy doses of morphine..I remember him asking me what I thought and at that point he could have named him cocker spaniel and I would not have cared...well, now I do care and I don't like his name..make sure you are not wazzed out when you sign the forms :)

MereCat said...

Wonderful! Congrats! It's great to see those u/s pics and to have the healthy reassurances.

Alli said...

Oh my GOSH! Those pictures are so cute! I can't wait to find out myself.

Are you still going to shop?! LOL.

Nickie said...

Am I still going to shop??? Silly girl, of course I am. Just not as much. No new bedding for baby, but NSWO has a new set on it's way for his big boy room.