Thursday, February 08, 2007

17w6d - Movin' and a Groovin'

Not much going on these days with The Bean. We're still on the hunt for a name, but I think we're narrowing it down. I won't be able to announce on here the name for the baby because my in-laws and maybe my parents read this blog and we keep the name secret from most people, including family until after baby is born. Since we find out the gender, we want to keep something as a surprise. Add to it that I had a scheduled c-section with NSWO and will again with this one, even the birthdate is known ahead of time. The name is the only thing we can keep secret. So, sorry, no name announcements on here until July.

Even without a name yet, this kid is definitely moving around in there. With NSWO my placenta blocked much sensation of movement until 20+ weeks, but this one doesn't have that pillow in the front so I'm feeling lots of kicks, punches and even some rolling several times a day now. I love it! Now, granted, when I get closer to delivery, I may wish I had that pillow to block some of the stronger kicks, but for now this is so much fun!!!

My weight gain is staying well within control and that makes me happy too. As of this morning I'm up 8lbs total and the books say that it should be between 8-14 lbs for a singleton pregnancy so I'm happy to be within normal but at the lower end. I only gained 28lbs with NSWO and I'd like to keep the weight gain with this one nice and healthy too. Even with only a 28lb weight gain, I was still HUGE at the end. I don't think I've posted this pic before on here (forgive me if I have - preggo brain!), but this is from the night before NSWO was born. The little white squares on the cabinets are post-its labeling what's in each cabinet so anyone who was staying with us or visiting wouldn't need to ask me where to find stuff. If you know me IRL, you'll know that's soooo me! It was pretty much the extent of my nesting with him. Anyway, see how big my belly was? It was about the size of a blow-up beach ball. My OB guessed he would be 10lbs - luckily she was off by 1.5lbs.


Heather said...

I have to admit, I'm a bit bummed about not getting to know the name but I understand why.

I absolutely adore the post-it notes idea! You're brilliant.

It does look like a beach ball - but it looks like that was the ONLY place you gained. You are hot.

Mandy said...

LOVE the post-its! Why didn't I think to do that??

And I agree w/ Heather, you look fantastic in that pic!