Wednesday, February 21, 2007

19w5d - Starting to feel better & latest pics

First, the pics.

Here's the nearly 20 week belly shot. Look at that bump grow! Weight gain is still at only 8lbs, don't ask me how cause I don't know, but I'll take it! LOL

Here is NSWO in the tub the other night, just being cute per his usual.

I'm finally feeling like I'm going to be well again. I woke up at 3am this morning to go to the bathroom and take more meds and actually felt normal again. It was quite a shock. I would say I'm 70% better today and hope for even more improvement tomorrow before the flight. NSWO and I are planning on going for it and hoping that mommy's ears stay clear for the flight. Soooooo excited to see my best friend, haven't seen her in person in over 4 years now. Doubtful I'll be updating this blog while I'm gone so I'll have to check in on everyone once we get back next week. I've got my tylenol, sudafed (the real stuff, not this new crap they sell on the shelves*), mucinex, and saline nasal spray. I'm set! Oh, and a whole bunch of tissues!

*Don't know if you've needed to purchase REAL Sudafed lately, but it's quite the ordeal now, at least out here anyway. Not only do you have to take a card from the shelf to the pharmacy, but then you have to show your driver's license and sign a form including your address. Worth it for meds that actually work. The new stuff just makes me jittery but doesn't help my congestion much at all. The real stuff makes me jittery too, but at least it helps the congestion. I know it's worth it to stop or at least slow down meth production, but man I'm sure sales have slipped tremendously due to all the hoops you have to jump thru.


Kristen said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. I hope you have a great trip!

Heather said...

Hope you have a super time!!!

OHN said...

Some of my favorite pix are ones with my kids in a tub full of bubbles. They would stay in there so long the water would get cold and they didnt even care!

Carol said...

Hey Nickie - thanks for commenting on my blog. I would love to get together. You can email me directly at I don't know Alli's blog, maybe you can fwd me a link?