Monday, February 19, 2007

19w3d - Being (sniff) sick (sniff sniff) sucks! (ACHOO!)

NSWO is doing much better by now. Still got a gunky nose, but even that's clearing up today. His fever kept spiking up to the 103's - 104's for a couple of days there, but seems he just runs hot I guess. Good strong immune system that one has.

I, on the other hand, have a somewhat suppressed immune system (Thanks to the Bean!) and have not fared quite as well. It started as a scratchy throat on Thursday and quickly progressed to a misery of congestion, sneezing, coughing, body aches, ear aches etc. by Sunday. First thing this morning I call my GP to get an appointment only to be told that they are closed for President's Day. WHAT?? Is that a real holiday? I thought it was just an excuse for school's to be out and banks to be closed. My OB is closed too. By now I'm thinking that the only way I'm going to be seen by a doctor today is to pack up NSWO and myself and schlep to an ER or urgent care facility full of other sick miserable people. NO, THANK YOU.

Luckily, Hubby works for a great company with awesome benefits and one of the new benefits they are trying out in a pilot program is MD house call service. Yes, you read that right, you can still get a house call. Turns out, for many non-emergency urgent cases, it's cheaper to send an MD to the patient's home than to have them go to an ER. So, I make a phone call to the 24-hr nurse hotline, ask for the MD service and within 15min the MD is calling to get my info and let me know how soon he can make it out my way. SCORE! Not only do I NOT have to sit around in a dirty, contaminated ER all day, but neither does NSWO thereby keeping us from being exposed to even more germs. Plus, I can do what I need to do in the comfort of my own home while waiting my turn in the cue. Very nice MD comes to the house, does some basic insurance paperwork and starts his assessment. As I suspected, I have a sinus infection. I was surprised to learn that I also have the beginnings of a double ear infection as well. Lovely. I started amoxicillin this afternoon and cannot wait to start feeling better.

NSWO and I are supposed to be flying to San Diego to visit my best friend and her twin girls later this week, but if either of us is still sick, we have to postpone since we don't want to get her or the premature babies sick. I do not need that on my conscience.


Heather said...

I am totally jealous! That rocks that he came to your house. I hate, hate, hate getting up and out to go anywhere when I am sick. Even if it is to see a doc and get drugs.

Hope you feel better soon!

Keeping The Faith said...

That is awesome about having an MD house call. Excellent benefits your husband has!

I hope your feeling better... good thing you got checked out. Ear infections are not fun. Rest up and drink lots of fluids... Hopefully you and NSWO will be all better so you can enjoy a trip to San Diego. I just love San Diego. The San Diego Zoo is one of my favorite places. And Case de Pico is one of the best Mexican resturants in Old Town.


Carol said...

hmm. My company is trying the same pilot program. And I am also in the pacific northwest. I wonder if your hubby and I and work at the same place. :-) Glad to hear that the MD house call service worked out well for you.

Hope you feel better!

Nickie said...

Carol - I'm betting our hubby's DO work at the same place. Too funny.

Nickie said...

Carol - I'm betting our hubby's DO work at the same place. Too funny.

Carol said...

yes - especially since I also just noticed in your header that you said he's a techie guy. ;-) Not that many techie companies around here that offer those kinds of benefits.

The Town Criers said...

I'm jealous too! I would love to have the doctor come to my house. The RE for that matter too :-)