Friday, March 02, 2007

21w0d - Ultrasound & OB appt updates

I had a faboo time in California with my best friend and will update about the trip more later with pics.

Got back Tuesday evening and had an ultrasound scheduled for Wednesday morning. We got some really great 3D images this time and like a dork, I forgot the DVD they were saved on at the clinic. I had to wait until today when I went back for my OB check-up to get the disc so I could update the blog. Pregnancy brain strikes again!!!

Anyway, the ultrasound went pretty well. His left kidney is still measuring too big, not extremely too big, but bigger than 'normal'. The Perinatologist (high-risk OB) said that he thinks the earlier scans where his bladder was too big was not a fluke and that there is some level of blockage/obstruction in the urethra. The fact that the bladder is now normally sized is good though b/c it means the urine can drain, it just take a bit longer than ideal. The bladder wall is also a bit thicker than normal, but that is expected with the blockage. As he put it, the muscle needs to build up thicker so that the bladder is strong enough to hold the increased amount of urine and the fact that it's happening is good and means that if the bladder gets backed up, it can handle it and is not at risk for rupture. Whew! We'll keep an eye on it with at least monthly ultrasounds and if the bladder or kidneys get 'too big' we'll assess then what to do. It could range from as minor as doing nothing or a simple round of antibiotics for him after birth or at the more extreme end, they may decide to deliver him early so they can go into the urethra with a scope to essentially clear out the obstruction (poor guy). If it gets worse than it is now, we'd probably meet with a pediatric urologist before he's born to figure out the game plan. If he were to need a minor surgery, they might decide it's best to delay the circumcision until then and to do them at the same time. Lots of speculation at this point, but none of the doctors are worried and neither am I. We'll see at the end of March how things look and we'll just keep getting to peek in on him to watch it. I'm ok with that.

The other news from the ultrasound is that he's measuring big! I was 20w5d by ovulation and he is already measuring at 22w5d! They estimated that he's already 1.5lbs - already! I'm only halfway thru this pregnancy and man oh man do I grow big babies! LOL He's heads down (vertex) already too so those thumps I've been feeling down low are his mean left hook and right jab apparently. We've got a future middle weight champion cooking here. Just getting ready to defend himself from big brother I think.

My OB appointment today went well too. My blood pressure is very good at 115/70 today and weight gain is 9lbs and Dr. was very happy with both of these.

Physically, I'm feeling really good, better than I think I felt at this point with NSWO's pregnancy which is great. I'm hoping that means I'll be feeling good longer too. I think the yoga, the lower weight gain and being in better shape in general are all contributing to that.

Ok, so enough rambling from me, time for some pictures! We got to do some 3D ones this time and here are my favorites. That face is so cute, I'm already in love!

This is the best one of his face.
He was doing a lot of yawning or swallowing or whatever and here's a cute one of that.This one is my favorite, I think I need to frame this one, it's just so precious.


seattlegal said...

What cute pics! I love that last one too.

Hope everything goes well with that big baby of yours!

Mandy said...

Cute pics!

I saw you post on FF about some snappis...are you CD'ing? Did you w/ NSWO? I do w/ Katie and love it.

Nickie said...

I'm seriously considering CDing this one for both cost and environmental reasons. Just a bit nervous that I'm not going to be into it. The more I talk to gals who did/do CD the more excited I get. I want to order a bunch of diapers, but I think I'll work into a bit more slowly. I won 2 smFB on ebay so I have those to try, but I hear that BG are better at fitting skinny legs and if this one is like NSWO, I expect long and skinny again.

I have a friend down the street who does CD and she loves the BG 2.0 AIOs the best. I want to order some KL size 0 to start with, but worry he might not fit them long and it wouldn't be worth the money and should just do sposies until he's big enough for smalls.

Michelle said...

Aww, those pictures are so adorable! Sorry to hear that the bladder is still an issue - hopefully it will resolve and the poor little guy doesn't need to be scoped.

Glad to hear that you're doing so well! I've been meaning to get myself into a regular yoga routine ... your post may motivate me to do something about it.

OHN said...

Give your ultrasound tech a call and ask her what you need to do to preserve the "photos". I never gave it a thought and all my adorable pix of son #2 are all faded almost to white :(.

Don't these photos just blow your mind!?! We had a fabulous one of son#2 yawning and/or crying..he had the biggest mouth I had ever he shoots if off way too much--lol.