Wednesday, March 28, 2007

24w5d - Ultrasound report

I had another ultrasound today to check on The Bean's kidney/bladder. Good news is that things are within normal limits at this point. The left kidney is still a bit big, but as long as it stays the same at the next ultrasound at 32wks, it won't be an issue. The bladder wall is also a bit thinner which means that it's draining more regularly too. Whew! He's vertex (heads down) and facing my spine still. Great positioning for a vaginal birth IF I WAS HAVING ONE!! Unfortunately, not so good for getting ultrasound pics so we only have one decent 3D pic from today. They even had to do a transvaginal one to measure my cervix as he would NOT move out of the way to let her see it with the abdominal transducer. Cervix is nice and long at over 5cm and no signs of funneling at the top. Also, he's measuring about 2wks ahead still. Overall, a great ultrasound. Here's the one pic we got that's decent (little stinker!).
Other great news from today is that Hubby got to go with me to the ultrasound which was great since he missed the last two by being out of town and sick with the flu. So frustrating how behind the office is though, today, we were only 30 minutes late for our appointment which is, sadly, an improvement. Oh well, what can you do. Also, my fasting blood sugar this morning was 78. They want to see it <95 and it's been around 85 or so most mornings. This was the hardest number for me to control last time, so I'm hopeful that this is a good sign for the future. We'll see.


seattlegal said...

Good news about the blood sugar!

That is a cool pic - I'm glad things are marked though as I wouldn't have been able to tell!

Michelle said...

Sounds like a great appointment all around! (Aside from making you wait for 30 mins ...) I'm so glad to hear that the kidney and bladder wall are looking good. And even though he will enter the world via C-section, at least he's getting in position to make his grand entrance! :) The pic is amazing - look at his little nose, mouth, and cheeks! He's a cutie already.

OHN said...

Before the next ultrasound have a talk with the little guy...we need better photos. I am squinting and even tried a handstand~not pretty~ and all I can see are a couple of kittens. Cute but probably not what you are carrying :)

Carol said...

I can't make much out of that 3d u/s pic - but I'm glad to hear that the appointment went well and things are heading in the right direction.

And you had me cracking up over my bagel this morning - with your comment about noticing my uneven boobs at lunch!! too funny. :-)

It was great to meet you - we should do it again soon.

Nickie said...

ok, you ladies are right, it's hard to make out and I'm not good at adding an arrow to point out what you're seeing, so I'll try with words.

the word ARM is over his right hand and his arm is lifted up with his elbow bent like he's trying to scratch his own back. If you can make that out, find the elbow, that's right in front of his eye socket - that dark spot behind the elbow. Just below the eye socket is a bright spot that is his cheek. Go to the right and that's his perky nose with lips under that, followed by little bump of a chin.

The word PROFILE isn't really on anything and the profile is more of a 45 degree angle.

Does that help?