Friday, March 23, 2007

24w0d - OB appointment update

OB appointment went great. Blood pressure was 110/62, he's happy with the weight gain (14lbs total), and the fundal height (measurement from the pubic bone to the top of the uterus, should roughly equal the number of weeks pregnant) was 27cm. That's a whole 3 wks ahead folks! I grow 'em big! My blood sugar numbers are holding nicely and my OB was very impressed and surprised that I'm still doing handstands in yoga. Yay me! :) He wants to do an ultrasound next time at 28wks to see just how big he's getting. He and I are negotiating the c-section date too. The earliest he's readily willing to do it is 7/4, but neither of us wants to do it on the holiday so I am lobbying for either 7/3 or 7/7 (preferably 7/7) since 3 & 7 are my lucky numbers. Silly, I know. Plus, how cool would it be to have a birthday of 7/7/07?!?! Problem is, 7/7 is a Saturday, so he's going to look ahead at his schedule to see if he's going to be in town and is considering scheduling my surgery for 7:30 that morning - again, my lucky numbers!! We'll see, but I'm hoping that's how it works out.

I do my 1-hr glucose screening test next time too at 28wks. For the first time since I got pregnant again, I'm actually entertaining the idea that I just might pass this puppy! Four weeks is a long time from now and a lot of things can change, but we'll see and if the diabetes does come back, well, we'll just deal with that when it gets here. IF it gets here.

The other night, as we were laying in bed, The Bean was going nuts in there and I just watched my belly jump all around - such a trip! Hubby gets a bit freaked out by it, but he did glance over for a bit. I'm definitely going to have to get some video footage of this kid's antics for posterity.

My cold is getting better and my injured hamstring/hip is recovering well too. It's going to take a long time to get back to 100%, but it's not hindering my yoga practice so that's good.

I'm working on painting a train border on the walls of NSWO's new room and hope to be done soon. I'll take pics to post when I'm done. It's coordinating with his new bedding. I found wall stickers for The Bean's room that will work great and be easy to change once he's ready for a big boy room. I'd paint in there too, but I'd rather make it less permanent and I'm getting a bit tired of painting right now.

Very excited to be meeting a couple other fellow bloggers for lunch on Sunday too. See you ladies then!


Mandy said...

I'm impressed too that you're still doing handstands in yoga! I can't do them when I'm not pg. LOL

For the voyeur in you...let's just say that I lost a boyfriend and my friend in a single act. And they weren't "just talking"... ;)

Nickie said...

I sort of guessed that was what had happened. I can tell you that I'm personally a very different person that who I was in HS so I think it's great you're giving her a 2nd chance. We're all pretty stupid at some point in our lives, right?

As for the handstand, I was so scared of trying for the longest time, but one day I just decided to go for it. I realized that if I committed my 2nd leg to following thru that my 1st leg was already up on the wall and that I wasn't going to fall over, just needed to convince that 2nd leg to get up there already. Once I did that it worked. One of my most empowering days ever. I can't stay up there for more than a matter of seconds, but even that much is so much fun! It really boosts the energy.

seattlegal said...

Glad to hear things are going well. See you on Sunday!

Mandy said...

I'm a really different person now too. And truth be told, the relationship w/ the boyfriend wasn't stable and it was totally stupid. Like so many HS relationships! It was great that it ended so quickly, just sad that this friend was the one who did it. But I figure it's worth a shot to see where things go with the friend now.

Zarqa said...

Hi Nickie,
Just realized you had a link to your blog in your FF signature! Nice to hear the details of your last appt. My dh is a techie too.:)
He also thinks it would be cool to have a 7/7/07 delivery.:)