Sunday, March 18, 2007

23w2d - Happy Birthday to Hubby!

Yesterday was Hubby's birthday so we had a combo St. Patrick's Day/Birthday Party for neighbors and a few other friends. Lots of kids in the house and since the weather decided to be authentically Irish as well with lots of rain, we were all in the house. What a madhouse! So much fun though. I got a great idea to pull a small portion of NSWO's toys for the kids to play with and hide the rest of them. I also put the toys in the front living room so the adults could hang out in the kitchen/family room. Worked out great and later when we fired up the Wii (LOVE THIS THING!) there weren't tons of toys all over the floor. Only one toy got broken, but I think we can fix it, I hope. NSWO was soooo sad when he came over with his remote control spider and it's broken off leg. It was really sweet. Then again, he was really tired and overstimulated by this point.

Last week in yoga my teacher let me go up into handstand and it was so awesome! I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get up since it had been a while, but with him spotting me, I got up and it felt more stable and strong than ever. Next, I decided to try the forearm balance that I'd finally been able to do earlier this year and had a bit of trouble getting up with the belly in the way. I re-injured my left leg - the ligament that connects the hamstring to the bone got strained a bit last year while I was pregnant and it got re-injured - ouch! Seems to be doing pretty well so far. If I sit in one position too long the glutes get tight so I try to remember to sit on the heating pad for a bit to keep things loose. With the relaxin in my system it might take a long time for this to fully recover but if I'm careful it shouldn't be any problem.

I've got yet another cold - so over it. Hubby had something last week and I guess I picked it up too. Hoping to get over it quicker than the last one.

Oh, here's last week's belly shot too.

I know I promised no bare belly shots here, but the stretch marks didn't show up in this one so I thought heck, why not? Soon enough I'll look like a tributary map of the everglades, why not enjoy it for now? This was my 22wk pic. Only 12.5 lb weight gain and look at that belly! I'm gonna need to wear a weighted backpack by the end to keep from falling forward! LOL


OHN said...

I love the picture!With my first successful pregnancy I only gained 20 lbs and it was all out front like you..I hate to tell ya, but if you keep going like I did by the end you will be able to carry a cafeteria tray without using your hands :) FUN TIMES -lol.

Alisa said...

You look so cute!!! I can't believe you can still do handstands, I don't think I can do one not pg.

Hope you get over your cold fast.

Kristen said...

You look terrific. I am so jealous that you are still so active. I should have started yoga before I got pg. You go girl!

seattlegal said...

Great belly shot - a lot more brave than I am. I keep meaning to post my latest pics (with a covered belly)! :-D

I can't believe you are doing headstands - that's pretty cool that you are able to do that!

Marz said...

Very cute pic!
I did bare belly pics too. I think they're more true then the clothed ones.
Congrats on the 12.5lb gain. I was at that before 2nd trimester hit, lol.
I'm paying for it now though, slow coming off.