Monday, March 26, 2007

24w3d - belly pic update

Doesn't seem to be much bigger than 2 wks ago. Weight gain is about the same too, depending on the day I'm up about 14lbs total. Blood sugar numbers still holding strong. Yay!

We have another ultrasound to check on The Bean's kidney on Wednesday. Keep your fingers crossed that things are at least not any worse. Hubby will get to go this time which will be nice as he's missed the last two by being out of town or sick with influenza. We should be getting more 3D pics too.

Had a great time with my fellow bloggers at lunch on Sunday - thanks ladies!!


Mandy said...

G/L with your u/s on Wednesday -- will cross my fingers that things are doing well.

When I first pulled your pic up, I thought you didn't have any pants on! LOL Your arm is covering the waistband and the color of the material is fairly close to your skin tone. Took me a second to realize you DID have pants on...

Nickie said...

OMG - that's too funny! I didn't even think about that! My skin is so pale that to me the pants seem somewhat dark. Must remember not to do future belly pics in these pants. I'd leave the hand off the front, but I've got this lovely bit of skin that hangs over my c/s scar so it's just not very attractive right now. Hehe

OHN said...

Hi Nickie--I did the same thing as Mandy--I had to do a double take. I was thinking you were very brave being "nekkid" from the waist down! LOL.

I always love seeing the 3D ult pix..mine were so long ago they didnt have the technology that makes everything so clear!

By the way..did I tell you that I hate you because you can do a handstand WHILE PREGNANT and I can't do one EVER?!

Looking forward to Wed. :)

Michelle said...

You look fantastic! Maybe I'll be brave enough to post a belly pic when I have a nice, round belly like yours to show off. :) I will be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping for a great u/s report (so fun that you wil get 3D pics!). That's great that hubby can join you for this one.

Keeping The Faith said...

Hi Nickie, You look great as you always do in all of you belly shots. Do you make an effort to eat pretty healthy or are you just lucky to not gain a ton of weight during pregnancy? It's amazing how big a tummy can get with a small amount of weight! My OB/GYN told me I should aim for 45pounds with twins. I cannot imagine that kind of weight gain on my frame. I'll do my best if it means healthy babies.

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and praying that all is well and as it should be!

Wish I lived near you so I could join in on your lunches with fellow bloggers. What fun!

Have a great week-

Nickie said...

Faith - I wish you were closer too, I'd get my neighbors (who are both nurses) to draw your blood for you!!

As for the weight gain, up until I was out of college I was one of those annoying ppl who was far too skinny w/o trying (go ahead, virtual slap me!) I was 6' and a whopping 135lbs. That all changed though after college. I gained 28lbs with my son and I'm hoping to keep my weight gain below that this time. I'm very lucky that so far I seem to only be gaining in the belly and that my limbs are unaffected. So far. Going to yoga and getting on the elliptical when I force myself seems to help too. I try to not just eat whatever I'm craving, but will allow some of it, just not as much as I can stuff in. LOL

As for you and the twins, don't think of it as 45lbs, ask your Dr (or check books) about how much to aim for each month. It's scary to ever think of gaining that much, but putting on 5-8lb/mo isn't so bad, right? A LOT of that will be the babies and the placentas and fluid, etc. If you eat as healthy as you can you should hopefully only expand in the belly too.

A gal on FF posted a pic over herself the night before her surgery and one from pre-pg to show the difference. She had good-sized twin boys and it was wild. It looked like someone had popped this BIG ol belly onto her svelte body, her legs/arms had hardly changed at all. It's totally possible and TOTALLY worth it, no matter how much you have to gain.

clw said...

Hey sis. I just found out about your blog so I thought I'd check it out. Nice belly shot! Very hot! Love ya - Miss ya!!!