Sunday, April 01, 2007

25w2d - Big Boy Room is finished!

I've been slowly working on NSWO's new big boy room for a couple of weeks now. The furniture arrived this weekend, so now it's 'done' and I can post pics.

Here's a pic of the bedding - aka the inspiration for the room.
Before pic - originally, the room was all the tan color that's at the bottom, including the ceiling. I painted the ceiling white, then did the blue and the red stripe. Next, I sketched on the trains around the room. Here's a pic of the train nearly completed.
Next, I finished the trains and outlined everything in black like the bedding design.
Here's a pic of NSWO running around his new room.
And here are a couple with the new furniture in place.
I think he likes his new room.


Michelle said...

What an adorable room!!!

Alisa said...

You did a great job!!! I love it!

Carol said...

Well you have been busy! the room looks great.

Kristen said...

You did such an amazing job!

Linlee said...

WOw! You did a great job. I bet he LOVES it.

OHN said...

So what days this week are you free to come over and paint my dining room? Huh? Let me know asap so I can run out and get some paint. Did I mention that I automatically hate ANYONE with artistic talent??

LOVE the room...he will spend many happy hours chugging along in there :)

HuntersMom said...

I love the bedding where did you get it?