Tuesday, April 24, 2007

28w4d - belly pic & lab results

Here's the latest belly pic. I swear this kid has had a significant growth spurt cause the belly seems/feels soooo much bigger. I pulled together a progression of all the belly pics I've done so far and I'd say there's a pretty big jump from 26 weeks to 28 weeks. What do you think?
Sorry it won't show up any larger, can't figure out how to get it to do that.
Got a call from the OB office yesterday with my lab results from my appointment last week. The glucose came back at 88! Not sure which is more shocking - that the lab reading was so different than my glucometer reading (which was 102) or that it was just so darn low. With NSWO, my 1 hr reading was 175. That's a huge difference. Wow. My TSH is lower than the 2nd trimester which is wonderful - means my thyroid is functioning better. Turns out I'm pretty anemic though. The nurse asked me if I had been feeling tired and I really haven't been all that tired. I do get short of breath easier, but I just figured it was The Bean putting pressure on my lungs. Guess not. Anyway, started iron supplements today, hoping for even more energy once the iron kicks in.
Still haven't heard back from my OB about scheduling a date for the c-section, hoping to hear later this week. My mom will be coming out to help out with NSWO and we'd like to get flight info figured out soon.
Sleeping is getting tougher and tougher lately. Not only is it tough to roll over and get comfy thru the night, but I'm just so darn hot all night long. Hubby is like a flipping heating pad in that bed and I spend 90% of the night with no covers on at all and the ceiling fan on medium. SOOOO glad we got central air conditioning installed for when it actually gets hot outside.


Carol said...

wow, you have had a growth spurt! But you look great!

seattlegal said...

You did have a growth spurt! Like Carol said, you look great.

Also, great news on the glucose! I didn't get so lucky with mine...

Keeping The Faith said...

So glad that your glucose came back fine! Sounds like your just doing great all around for the most part this pregnancy. And you're all belly! :-) You look wonderful. And I'm sorry but there is not one stretch mark in sight and how you managed that is besides me...any trade secrets?


Nickie said...

Faith - thanks for the compliment on the belly. There are TONS of old stretch marks though you just can't seem them since they've faded mostly and they're more visible from the front. Trust me, they're there. No trade secret here, sorry. It's 95% genetics and 5% moderate weight gain.

OHN said...

I predict a 33 pound baby. ;)