Wednesday, April 11, 2007

26w5d - updated bump pic & yoga pic *edited

I'm just getting all picture happy on my blog lately aren't I?? Well, not much else going on really.
Here's the latest belly pic for 26 weeks.

I thought it might be tacky to take a picture of myself in yoga class to have something to remember this time by, but my teacher said he thought it was a great idea. So, I brought the camera in with me yesterday and got a few pics snapped while I was in handstand. 6mo+ pregnant and I can still do this. Crazy! Don't tell my chiropractor though, he was less keen on the idea of me doing it still, but I swear yesterday it felt better than ever. I was upside down for a lot longer than I usually can do and the energy boost it gives me is incredible!

Here's my Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Handstand).

Edited to add: Ok, so after posting this and noticing the differences between
the pic on yoga journal's site and my pic, I decided to focus in class today on
lengthening thru my sacrum up thru my heels. Much to my complete and utter shock my heels came off the wall and I was balancing on my hands. I was so surprised I literally said out loud, "Are my heels off the wall? Am I balancing??? Holy cow!" And that's about how long it took before I came down the rest of the way. Who knew that not only would I still be doing yoga at 6mo+ pregnant, but that I
could still do handstands and that (SHOCKER!) I would be able to make progress
with my practice? I certainly never would have expected that. By this point in
my pregnancy with NSWO, I was feeling so tired and heavy that I had pretty much
given up yoga. Now, I feel like a totally different woman. By the way, The Bean
liked the handstand today and was dancing around in there for quite some time

Hubby helped me get one of the storage boxes of baby clothes out of the attic to start going through them. Surprisingly, things are more stained than I recall and several items are yellowed from storage. I guess I'll try cleaning them again and maybe even sunning them to get them stain-free, but I might not have quite as much baby clothes for this one as I thought I would considering The Bean's due date is just 3 days before NSWO's due date. Oh well, I've gotten a few things already myself and I'm sure the grandmas are itching to do a little shopping. (Don't worry grandmas - if you don't want to shop, I still think I've got plenty.)

Picked up some yarn at the craft store and a pattern to do a 'simple cable knit blanket' for him too. I've been knitting a bit for a couple of years, but nothing beyond knit & purl, so now I'll try to add a cable stitch to my repertoire. Grandma Jan, I may be calling you for help!! That extra cable needle is a bit intimidating right now.


seattlegal said...

wow - I can't believe you can do that headstand!

clw said...

Wowza! Most people can't do that not pregger's. lol

Let me know if there is any size in particular you have less of and I'll be most happy to go baby clothes shopping. I miss it!! Of course Daws will help - he's very stylish you know. Or at least he thinks so!

Kristen said...

I LOVE that yoga pic. That will be one to show your grandchildren!

OHN said...

I am insanely jealous of your handstand. Five bucks says you will only have labor for about 20 minutes, push one and out bean pops! You are in amaaaaazing shape!

I have a hint for the clothes. Take 2 gallons of very warm water, a couple of generous scoops of Oxyclean and soak the clothes overnight then throw in the washer (with the soaking solution you were using) and wash with your preferred detergent like will be amazed. It doesnt bleach the clothes but it works great getting out the stains.

Nickie said...

Ohn - thanks for the tip on the clothes, I always forget about Oxyclean, have a big ol tub of it in the garage!

BTW, I appreciate the prediction on labor/delivery, but it's another scheduled c/s (NSWO was breech) so no labor or pushing for me. Oh well. I'd try a VBAC, but too many restrictions and this one's head is gonna be huge too.

Michelle said...

You continue to look fantastic! And I will post a picture of myself soon. I actually don't have a single picture of myself pregnant - yet.

As for the handstand, I am in awe. Back in the day when I practiced yoga, I struggled to do handstands. These days, I can't even manage to drag myself off to prenatal yoga classes! I love it that the Bean gets a kick out of the handstand, too.

ava said...

I am also very impressed with the handstand!! I've been doing yoga for years but have never been able to do a handstand. I know it's just a mind over matter thing but I guess I'm just too afraid of falling on my head still.

Yay for preggo yoga mamas!