Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Finally, a celeb fesses up!

I read today that Marcia Cross (star of Desparate Housewives) is pregnant with her first child - at 44. I'm very happy for her and wish her all the best. I hope they work the pregnancy into the show, it's always awkward when they try to hide it.

The reason I find this news worth a blog entry is that she was , dare I say, brave enough to talk about the use of donor eggs. So many celebrities allow their publicists to spin their later-in-life pregnancies as nothing out of the ordinary, and I suppose that's their right. It is their life after all. But, I really do believe that these celebrities are doing the rest of us a huge disservice by not being more forthcoming with what steps it took to achieve those pregnancies. Unfortunately, a lot of young women see these older celebs getting pregnant and think that they too will have many more years to start a family. For some that will be true, but for the majority of women, getting pregnant after 35 or 40 is WAAAAY tougher than we think it will be when we're 25 or 30.

I applaud Marcia Cross for coming our of the infertility closet and hopefully starting a dialogue that will not end until women everywhere are more educated about their own fertility so that fewer of us have to suffer thru infertility needlessly.


seattlegal said...

That's great that she came forward like that! Thanks for sharing.

Manuela said...

YES! Good. For. Her. I'm so happy to read that she was honest about this.