Friday, September 15, 2006

I've been tagged!

Thanks Gabby for giving me something less depressing to post. I'm actually feeling pretty good today. Looking forward to the break. Had a REALLY nice red wine last night (thank you Lisa and Lewis), got coffee with the MOMS Club this morning, and have been eating Hot Tamales for lunch. Oh, and the welt on my tummy is gone.

Ok, for the tagging, I'm supposed to write something about 4 words of Gabby's choosing. My four words are: consult, motivate, thirst, and scholars.

Consult: I'm debating whether or not to consult another RE practice before the IVF in November. I feel very well cared for at my current clinic, but I feel like I ought to at least do a phone consult with one of the out of town REs who specialize in treating patients with highFSH.

Motivate: I need to figure out a way to motivate myself to get some projects done around the house during my break. NSWO’s bathroom still has this dreadful bear border in it and I want to get that off and re-paint at least. With NSWO starting pre-school soon I should be able to do the messy stuff uninterrupted.

Thirst: I am looking forward to quenching my thirst at dinner tonight with a Diet Coke with full caffeine. Being on a break does have it’s perks.

Scholars: I wish there were a bunch of scholars out there working on treatment for highFSH instead of the ‘hurry up and do IVF before you run out of eggs’ option that seems to be the predominant course of action currently. I realize that TCM/acupuncture is another option, but it would be nice if REs had more tools to choose from too.

Now, who to tag? I know - Shannon & Kim. Kim is recently back to her blogging (yippee!) and Shannon has yet to post any sort of update to hers. Maybe this will get them going again. Your four words are: chocolate, carry, confirm, and crimson. Have fun.


Thalia said...

Sorry your cycle got cancelled nickie, that's really disappointing. I'm glad you're making the most of the break. I crave diet coke on a regular basis!

Hope Floats said...

I love it... I will find time to post tomorrow...Im afraid after popping codiene Tylenol, my inspiration may be less than intellectual!

Now regarding the cycle... do you need me to fly down there and tell that damn cyst to smarten up? What is WITH our bodies?????

gabby said...

Great job with the words Nickie! Glad they served as a distraction and glad you're feeling better about things. I have 2 friends in town with high FSH who are going to CCRM in Colorado for IVF. I'll let you know how their cycles turn out. They have really great success rates there.