Monday, August 14, 2006

Cysts R Us

Last cycle, if you recall, I got stuck w/o an egg and developed a nice big 35mm cyst on my right ovary that we triggered so that my period would start and I could move on to my IVF cycle (the one I didn't do b/c I was pg in March). Well, AF ambushed me too early on vacation and I had to wait another cycle.

Fast forward to this cycle. I'm on cd31 and thought AF was late, I was even getting excited about maybe being pregnant again on my own (HA! I crack myself up!) and at my u/s today we discover yet ANOTHER big ol' cyst on my right ovary. This time it's only 30mm or so - at least we caught it early? This time, my estrogen level is only 41, but they still think the best way to go is to trigger it and wait for the hag to arrive (hopefully early again!!??!!) so I can get my IVF retrieval in before the lab closes in October for a month to ensure quality control.

So, anyone in the market for a cyst? We've got a blue-light special in aisle 9. I surely don't need them anymore.

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