Friday, October 06, 2006

Rose colored glasses

It has recently come to my attention that the majority of my blog posts lately have been downers. Well, sorry, but that's what's going on that I feel like blogging about. Afterall, it's my blog, right?

But, I don't want everyone out there to think that I'm totally down in the dumps. I spend at least 80% of my day feeling fine. So, in honor of my majority good moods, I offer you a positive, happy post.

Not So Wee One is loving preschool. I still need to get the pics off of Hubby's big fancy camera so I can post one of him on his first day, sorry it's taken so long. (Hubby, if you're reading this, I'd love your help.) The preschool he's going to is a co-op which means that parents help out in the classroom at least one day per month. We also have a committee job to do. I picked classroom support b/c it seemed to have the least amount of evening time commitment. I help organize the library of books and keep things stocked in the supply closet. Turns out, another part of this job is making the playdough every week. I didn't know this when I took the job, but it's actually pretty fun. For this week, we made tangerine colored dough and I put some cinnamon in it to help with the weird cooked flour smell it has. The teacher said that the kids loved it and that the playdough table has never been so popular. (Patting self on back) I decided to let NSWO pick the color for next week and he picked black. I think he's got a Halloween theme going on in his head.

Other NSWO news - we started up swim class again after a 2 week break and this session, he's in the Baby Grads class. This is the first level where the kids are in the water w/o a parent. (At 3?? How did he get so big?) At our first class last week, there were 4 kids - 1 boy who is still freaked and needed mom to come in with him, 1 girl who did ok but got distracted easily and didn't want to sit on the steps when the teacher asked, and 1 boy who would NOT listen at all (I see some medication in his future), and then NSWO who did great with listening to the teacher until the others kept getting away with stuff and then he'd want to try it too. I was a bit worried that he'd not learn much since the teacher spent so much time trying to get kids to listen that they were in the water for only a few minutes each. That's a lot of money for so little learning. Luckily, after class, the teacher pulled me aside and said that this class should really only have 3 kids in it and that rather than pull one of the others back a class, she thinks NSWO will learn more if he advances up to her Preschool class. This means that he gets to skip 2 levels!! Hubby and I are so proud! Today is his first day in the bigger kid class, I'm so excited b/c he really loves being in the water now and I think he's going to have so much fun. He found his goggles the other night which is great b/c they're good ones that actually fit him. He's got a big noggin, but still needs smaller eye cups than the youth goggles and child goggles are hard to find.

I think NSWO is starting to have terror nightmares. Probably related to starting preschool. Twice in the last week or so he's woken up during the night crying and even though his eyes are open, he's not really awake. Last night, I picked him up and rocked him and gently, but firmly told him to 'wake up' and before he could fully wake up, he let his bladder go, all over me and him. Poor guy, he hates peeing his pants and he had no control over it. I need to do some reading on best advice for handling night terrors. Anyone out there with good experiences to share? I know it's just a phase, but I hate seeing him so scared. We talked about a recent epidode of Blue's Clues we'd watched in which Joe taught one character to change her bad dream into something fun. She made scary stuff into a birthday party. I tried suggesting that to him, but I'm not sure how awake he was then. Poor guy.

Ok, that last part wasn't exactly a happy, cheery part of this post, I hope you'll forgive me for not being all perky. hehe

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Heather said...

I had night terrors when I was little and then I started sleep walking. The doc told my parents not to try and wake me up but just to speak soothingly and put me back in bed (if I was out). Of course, that was 20 -some years ago...but it worked. With the night terrors, they just rubbed my back or held me and lulled me back to sleep. With the sleep walking, they would just let me talk about whatever craziness I needed to and they would put me back to bed. They said lots of times, I slept walked to the bathroom, or made something to eat, or walked the dog - just normal everyday things. It wasn't much of a big deal (except the dog walking for obvious reasons). Hope you find what works for NSWO - and CONGRATS on the swimming!!! That is super news!